Just One Look

Here's some of what we were able to accomplish in 2012


Web Traffic

Our website received over 3,000,000 hits: 12 times the traffic in 2011.

Our bandwidth usage is now at 965 gigabytes, up from only 80 megabytes last year: an increase of more than 1,500 times.

Web Programs and Services

We keep people informed of the state of our work through our monthly email newsletter and special emails with news of current activities. We sent out 31 emails to more than 3,000 active subscribers.

Our monthly Worldwide Online Meetings have 342 registered participants, and our Online Open House Meetings have 213 registered participants.

We had two Five-Day Online Intensives, with a total of 47 people.

John had Private Conversations by phone or via the Internet with 42 people.

Our Community Center Forums have 498 active members and 180 new members joined us just this year. Registered forum members have created 932 threads with 2,038 posts.

Our two YouTube channels combined have 81 videos, 660 subscribers, and have had 79,000 views and 800,000 minutes of viewing time.

We have 40 videos streaming on Blip.tv (3,339 views) and iTunes (710 views).

The John Sherman Podcast, with 135 recordings of recent meetings with John (from February 9, 2011 through October 24, 2012) has 96 subscribers, with 499 average plays per day, and 4 to 5 new audio files are added every month.

The blog Transcriptions of Meetings with John Sherman has 94 subscribers.

The Portuguese Translations blog has 5 subscribers.

The Retreat Videos blog receives an average of 102 hits per day.

The blog Truth Is All That Matters has 705 subscribers.

The Just One Look browser toolbar is installed and active on 378 different computers worldwide.

The first Just One Look Worldwide Event will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel on January 13, 2013 and 777 people are registered to participate.


We currently offer five ebooks on our website as pdf downloads:

Look At Yourself was downloaded by 2,300 different people;

Just One Look was downloaded by 600 people.

Just One Look in Romanian was downloaded by 2 people.

Just One Look is now also offered in Norwegian and in German.

The Fear of Life and the Simple Act of Inward Looking That Snuffs It Out was downloaded by 130 people.

The Fear of Life in French was downlaoded by 2 people.

The Fear of Life in Swedish was downloaded by 5 people.

The Fear of Life in German had 10 downloads.

The Way Forward was downloaded 70 times.

Looking at Myself, by David Parrish, had 70 downloads.

These numbers do not include all those who read the ebooks online without downloading the pdf files.


We offer slide shows, pdf flyers with look at yourself instructions and mindfulness training instruction, and other resources intended to support anyone who wishes to talk about the looking with friends and family.


We offer translations of a selection of texts in Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian.


We launched the Grassroots project in mid-October.

The first Grassroots Online Meeting is scheduled for December 2nd, with 23 people registered to attend.

Meetings in Ojai, California

One all-afternoon event with 32 people;

Four public meetings with 64 people;

One five-day retreat with 19 people.


We are currently working on a book project and a series of videos:

The Power of Attention, to be published in the Spring of 2014.

The complete videos of the 2012 Retreat will be available by the end of June 2013.


Thank you for your support!

John & Carla Sherman
November 2012
Ojai, California