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Public Talks

John Sherman

A Meeting with John Sherman in Sebastopol, California

New date to be announced soon.

The meeting will be in a private home. Reservation is required.

Call Carla at (805) 649-1600 to get the address and reserve your place. If no one answers the phone, please leave your name and phone number and she will call you back. You may also send her an email at info@justonelook.org to reserve your place.

Donation: $10-$20. No one will be turned away.

John Sherman will present a fresh understanding and practical application of the Self-Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi in a way that actually works, and produces guaranteed results for anyone who tries it.

He will show you what you can do for yourself to be free of fear and anxiety, and how to become truly self-reliant, satisfied, and at peace in life just as it is.

◊ Don’t miss this rare opportunity to speak with John in person! John has met with people mostly online and in Southern California for the last 10 years. This is his first meeting in Northern California since 2007.

John Sherman and his wife Carla started meeting with people more than 18 years, in person and online, to teach the Self-Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi. Over the years, they have developed an innovative and practical approach to this ancient method that makes it work for anyone who is willing to try it. They call it The Just One Look Method.

If you'd like to organize a meeting with John Sherman, please send an email to events@riverganga.org. John Sherman accepts invitations to speak at conferences, schools, colleges, churches, organizations, companies, etc. He will come and present an introductory talk followed by a Q&A session, a 2-hour workshop, or any other format that will better suit the needs of a particular audience.