the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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A New Beginning

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Please Donate

Hi all, has everyone here read the latest Just One Look News (Volume 7, Issue 10)?

John and Carla wrote:

"We wish we did not need to ask, but we really need your help.

We believe that being free of fear is the birthright of every human being, no matter their financial situation, so we continue to offer our work free of charge to all, with no strings attached.

We really need you to support our work with a donation if you can. That's the only way we can keep working and continue evolving.

We still need to raise $980 in recurring monthly donations to cover our basic monthly expenses this year. If you consider all that we offer absolutely free of charge, that is not a huge amount.

If we do not cover that gap soon, we will not be able to pay all the bills, which include rent on the house where we work and live. All the money we receive in donations goes directly to this work, nothing else. We do not receive salaries for our full-time work.

We already cut down to the bare minimum and we cannot cut anything else or we will have to shut down soon.

We have enough proof of the immense value of Just One Look and its capacity to change lives from inside out. We have seen many hundreds of people get great results over the last 20 years."

I know that it is easy to ignore the money part. Especially when the services here are free. But I think it would be really cool if we together could reach the monthly donation goal at $980. I think that would benefit this whole community. So dear fellow looker, if you haven't already, please do what you can to save this work. Everybody here knows that the looking works.



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