the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

Ways and Means

Practical discussion about different ways to promote The Just One Look Method and its effects to a wider audience.

We welcome practical suggestions on how to contact and recruit publicity and media professionals and those with influence in large communities to promote The Just One Look Method as a solution to the problem of human dissatisfaction with life.

These discussions should focus on practical matters such as specific names and contact information, and the prices of different tools and resources.

Suggestions and exploration of different ideas are welcome here, but should be grounded in practicality.

The Purpose of this Forum

You may have noticed that our work with the looking and our manner of speaking about it has changed.

This is mostly because we have finally shed the last vestiges of confusion about how to present the simplicity and the power of this act of inward looking that we call looking at yourself.

We have always known that if we could just find a way to spread this idea broadly enough in the human community, it might just bring to an end the downward spiral of self-destructive madness that now threatens our very existence.

But until very recently, we had been held back by a persistent misunderstanding. We believed that, in order to persuade people to try it, we needed to present a fully developed understanding of its purpose, and of the cause and origin of the problem that it cures.

We see now that the less complicated our presentation is, the more certain it is that it will be heard and acted upon. The looking is, after all, no more complex a solution to the human dilemma than aspirin is to a headache. You don't need to understand how it works, or even believe that it will work to have it bring an end to your emotional and psychological misery, any more than you need to understand how aspirin works, or even believe it will work, to have it rid you of your headache.

So, in the same way, take just one look now and your misery will begin to fall away. The simple suggestion to look, stripped of all extraneous folderol whatsoever will, almost always, cause anyone who hears it to do it on the spot. It takes nothing more than the willingness to try one time, with one breath, to get a taste of you, what you call me.

This full realization of the simplicity of the solution that we have come to call look at yourself has been for us like the breaking open of a clear blue sky after a long, dark storm. Everything we do is in service to that one look, and nothing else.

All we want is to bring this simple idea of looking at yourself to the attention of enough people to ensure that it will spread throughout the human family, and that can be done easily enough with the technological means that are now used for marketing distractions and various false solutions in the mass media.

The Just One Look Project forums offer the opportunity to all who have taken the medicine and have begun to see some of its power to take part in the effort to spread this simple message throughout the world.

This will not be hard. The hardest part was to break free of old assumptions about what was needed and what was not needed, and waiting to see the proof of the pudding, which is all of you who are now free of the effects of the context of fear or are going through the recovery.

What we need from you

We need your eyes, your ideas, and your intelligence working with us on:

  1. The content that is most likely to attract and hold the attention of people who are still trapped in fear's nightmare for just a minute or two so that they can hear the suggestion itself. We don't need developed argumentation, but ordinary attention-grabbing messages in a manner of expression people are accustomed to. No false promises or reference to the desires that the disease itself creates, but messages that can break through the mind's defensive barriers, and be heard at the foundation of the personality.

    It can be something as simple as this, or even simpler:

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Try this: move your attention inward, just once, for just one moment to the unmistakable sensation that you call ME. For more information and a community of people waiting to be of help to you, go to www.justonelook.org. Everything is free of any charge or any obligation.

    The best would be Twitter and AdWords-size messages. Also, short scripts for drive time radio spots.

    We would also like to consider billboards, TV commercials, and any other means of reaching people with the idea of the looking, presented in simple, arresting ways.


  2. Help us identify what sort of professional help we need to make this work. Not just publicity professionals, but also accountants, AdWords experts, fundraising professionals, graphic artists, and those with other practical skills that would help.

    And if you, yourself, have a skill set that could be useful, please let us know.


  3. The hardest part now is just getting the money needed to gain access to the range of technology and skills that will allow us to reach many millions of people with this simple message.

    We have signed up with a site that provides crowdfunding services specifically designed for the needs of non-profit organizations. We are working on developing a campaign there, and we would be grateful for your suggestions. We can probably give you access to it, if you're interested, before making it public.

    Please let us know here in the fundraising forum if you would like to play a part in the fundraising for the Just One Look Project, and we will be in touch with you. We will, of course, post all the pertinent information here, for all of you to see and comment on, as soon as the campaign goes live.


  4. Tell your stories about your personal efforts to bring this to family and friends here, so that we can all benefit from your experience. Please do not assume that you are on your own in this work. We are all in this together.

What we are about here is like nothing Carla and I have ever seen or heard of. The act of looking at yourself does not require enlightened teachers with special powers to transmit it. It does not require years of study and practice and self-denial to acquire it.

Rich or poor, powerful or powerless; filled with hate or seeking only love, violent or passive, saint or sinner. This is truly meant for all ordinary human beings burdened with the weight of dissatisfaction and distrust of life.

Thank you for all that you do.

John and Carla Sherman

July 23, 2014

I think this is great, so please sign me up! I have been waiting for this, so thank you for presenting this.

You have done a really good job with it.

I have a lot of thoughts and questions around this and I will soon begin to post them.


Ha! I, haven't tuned in recently, but I'm happy to see that the mission has continued. The pragmatic emphasis is good.

I wonder what could catch on... star power would help but I guess none of us are chummy w brad and Angelina... funny, but I'm inclined to pursue the understanding of the mechanism of our human condition and the mechanism of its resolution.

I think there's real value in what will, come of that. I wonder if that pursuit is welcome here though. I see that you are trying to streamline the message. Maybe you don't want to muddy the waters?

If you want. I'll post some of my ideas... They are not complete. But they are grounded in basic and verifiable experiences and are in accord w scientific understandings. And they are friendly to the idea of the efficacy of looking at yourself.

You see, I think we can understand this thing in a way that doesn't descend into abstract speculation and which will allow us to address the human situation even more productively. Of course, I don't know... But in all other endeavors understanding is crucial.

Yea, the sufferer of a headache doesn't need to know why aspirin helps, but studying and coming to understand how it works can yield great benefits. (Actually not the best example for my purpose here since we really don't well understand how aspirin works!). We want to spread this message widely, it seems an understanding may offer unexpected new inroads... it may also clarify why many of the posts here continue to express various frustrations with their personal efforts.

It clearly can work and had worked for some (and I take this site at its word that many have got free of suffering) but I also see here others who remain mired. I think the only way this approach will be one more generally effective is through a fuller understanding of how the evolved organization of our brain/minds have landed us where we are as a species.

I'll leave it at that. Please let me know if I should share my thoughts on things might work... enjoy, brezz

Some Suggestions

"Be the change you want to see in the world: just for one moment, move your attention inward to the unmistakable feeling you call ME."

"A simple way to a better life: put your attention inwards onto the sensation that feels like ME."

"Want a happier life? Just focus your attention inside you on the sensation that feels like ME."

"The easiest change you'll ever make..." "How to live life more fully..."

"Want to be free?" "The most important secret you'll ever discover..." "Discover the secret within you..."

"Want to enjoy life more?"

"The best kept secret of all..."

"Getting even more out of life..."

"How to make a great life even better..."

"Try this..."

Ironically, the most effective way to reach people is probably with the bare instructions. The moment you create a hook phrase, you will inevitably alienate whoever does not resonate with the hook. If you're not "sick and tired", you will ignore a message that speaks to this. Originally, I had thought that devising many hook phrases was the solution, but my guess is that it might be counterproductive.The instructions on their own will pique curiousity, and given that they ask you to try something so straight forward and innocuous, most people will at least try it- and that's all we need.

Hi all!

This new presentation does actually give some relief to a frustration I have had for some time now. I haven't had any great success in sharing the act of inward with family and friends. When I try I become tense and unnatural. That is strange, because my own understanding of this work is very relaxed and clear. So for me it is harder to tell about the act to people I know than to people I never have met.

And at the same time my wish to share this act with others has been really strong for some time now. And I have also struggled with how in the world one should present this in the best way. For most of us humans it seems very hard to listen to someone or something without interpret it with ones own understanding of things. This has frustrated me to the point of almost wanting to give up the whole idea of bringing this news to the world.

So I find the new understanding that communication is actually not necessary to present the act, as a really good news. Information is enough.

And this is kind of funny, because one night a couple of months ago when I couldn't sleep, I suddenly come to think of a possible solution to this. That was a time when I have had a lot of frustrations over the seemingly impossible task of communicating something so simple to so complicated minds.

My idea was: If the message should succeed to reach people, it must take its way thrue the minds defensives. The more direct, the better. And because we all know how irritating commercial can be I thought that it cant be a message that could be seen as something that wants something. It is even no point in being nice. And it all come down to that the perfect text must be to find a way to write the act in words. Nothing more, nothing less. The words must make the person reading the text to automatically perform the act.

And my suggestion at that times was these lines: (the word of choice and moving attention from the text was a inspiration from one of John e books)






You and I John talked about this then and I remember that you said that the word YOURSELF is not containing the direction to the feeling of "me". And I think you are right about this John. But if that line would have that personal reference like YOU for example, do you, or anyone else, think this would be worth working on?


Good to hear from you Brezz.

Actually, we have a pretty solid understanding of the mechanism of human suffering and its resolution with the act of looking. We have been working to understand it for more than fifteen years now.

Simply stated, human psychology arises for most of us in a context of fearfulness and a deep, unstated assumption that there is something wrong with human life.

This silent context shapes the psychological mechanisms that constitute the personality - otherwise known as the mind - into instruments of defense and acquisition which, for all their apparent depth and force, are mere algorithmic mechanisms dancing to fear's tune. It can usefully be thought of as a kind of psychological auto-immune disease.

The implications of this view are profound, not the least of which is the discovery that there is really no one to blame for anything. If you haven't seen it, you might find the recent blog post, "Who's to Blame?"


There is much more that could be said about this, but we see clearly what's needed is to bring an end to this scourge, and that the cure is so simple that prolonged discussion can only trigger the defensive mechanisms.

What is needed is to bring the cure to everyone we can reach, and let those whose addiction to postponement cripples their willingness to try such a patently harmless and easy act catch up when they can.

As to how it works, that too is obvious and utterly simple once the influence of the disease begins to wane.

1. It is perfectly clear, with just a little reflection, that there is nothing we can control in this life other than where attention goes, and even attention is mostly drawn mindlessly to whatever attracts it. Once the mind is free of the weight of fear and its symptoms it becomes possible to gain strength and clarity in our ability to direct attention, but first, we need to deliberately move attention to the simple feel of me, which is everywhere, but so faint as to be almost invisible.

When that one deliberate act of attention successfully touches the actual reality of you, it instantly vaporizes the silent context of fearfulness and distrust of life.

That's the cure.

2. What usually follows is a period of calm and clarity that may stay for a few weeks or even months, but which will sooner or later be replaced with even greater misery and confusion than before the looking. We think of this as a period of recovery from the disease, as the psychological instruments of defense, acquisition, and denial are triggered into a final frenzy of effort to save you from your life.

3. The resolution of this frenzy is gradual - I myself continue to be surprised from time to time by the departure of some neurotic viewpoint that had previously remained dormant in the absence of its particular trigger. But gradual or not in its growth, sanity can be depended upon irrevocably to fill the mind and bring real satisfaction in life.

So, you see, we have a pretty developed theory and understanding of what we are doing here.

You might also check out the paper written by a psychiatrist and two mental health professionals, "The Radical Act of Inward Looking". You can download it free of charge here:


In the end, when all is said and done, what is needed is not greater understanding, but a concerted effort to get the simple idea of the looking into the minds of enough people to ensure that it spreads throughout the entire human family before we destroy ourselves in the process of seeking more or deeper understanding.

I really am happy to see you here again Brezz, and we welcome your practical ideas on how to reach those who can hear it, but I urge you to consider what we do understand before calling for more.



P.S. I think it quite likely that if we can get the simple message spread far and wide enough we will most likely reach some of those with existing large audiences - maybe even Brad and Angelina - who will see and be drawn to the power and promise of this work and come on board


Here we can consider and discuss ideas and efforts to raise money to support this work.

We decided to move the discussion about fundraising that had started as a separate forum to the Ways and Means forum.

More than one person suggested to us that if we really want to make this free in order to encourage people to try this approach, we should find ways to pay for it other than bombarding those very people with pleas for money. We agree, and we are now experimenting with other means.

We are considering several possibilities, including the possibility of having fee-based events. These would not be necessary to reap the full benefits of this work, but might be useful to those who are interested in working with us to develop a deeper understanding of its implications.

We have already set up the serving of ads on our RSS feeds, and on our YouTube channel.

We are also developing a project at CauseVox, a crowdfunding service for non-profits, and we hope to have it online by September 13th. We will let you know here when it is online and we would be very grateful for any suggestions you might have about its content and presentation. We can modify the presentation of the campaign at any time.

You might have already noticed that we have taken down all the fundraising banners throughout our website.

We will keep you informed of our financial situation here, and we might communicate privately with those of you who have consistently shown a clear understanding of our financial needs in the past, but we will no longer burden those who come here seeking relief from their psychological torment with yet another problem for them to wrestle with.

On another note, in the process of moving the forum to its new location, we lost the postings that some of you had already made.

If you made a suggestion about raising funds before, please post it again here. That would be helpful to us.

Please post any ideas, comments, and suggestions as replies in this topic, so all the discussion about how to raise funds to support our work can stay in the same place.

Thank you very much.

John and Carla

To Spread the Word

Hi, guys,

I posted this (see the text below) on my Facebook page, and thought perhaps some people in these forums could post a message with a couple of words about John and Carla's work on their pages or websites, if they feel like doing it! I thought I would share this post with you! Perhaps it could help to spread the word about John and Carla among wider community of people!

Best wishes to everyone,



Some of you perhaps have already heard about John Sherman. I thought I would post this brief info about him and his work here in the hope that someone gets interested in helping him spread his simple message to the wider human community.

It's kind of hard to talk about who John Sherman is. A revolutionary agitator and bank robber in the 60s and 70s, a federal prisoner for more than 18 years, a converted Catholic, a former Buddhist, a Ramana Maharshi follower, a satsang teacher in the early 2000's.

You can read more about John's story here: http://bit.ly/jolthestory

In 2006, he and his wife and collaborator Carla Sherman started shifting their focus from the spiritual community into the broader human community, and on developing a message simple enough to be accessible to people from all walks of life. The result is a simple act of "looking at yourself" that can be performed by anyone. Their 2007 annual retreat in Ojai, California was the source of the book Look at Yourself. (http://www.justonelook.org/texts/look-at-yourself.html)

Their 2010 Retreat resulted in the fundamental shift in their understanding that the fear of life, which comes upon us all probably at birth and sets the context for all of our understanding of ourselves and our lives, is the root cause of psychological human misery.

After the 2011 Retreat, John and Carla confirmed for themselves the actual utility of speaking of these things directly, with no purpose other than to persuade people to try the act. Upon recognizing that, they began to take serious action to bring this act to a wider community of people, outside of the spiritual community.

They came to realize that they don't need an elaborate explanation of the causes and effects of the problem or its solution. They just ask people to look at themselves, since this act obviously cannot be harmful in any way.

After the 2012 Retreat, they launched the Just One Look Project with the goal of bringing the method of looking inward at the sense of me as the solution to human psychological misery and alienation from life itself to at least 10% of the human population as quickly as possible.

The collective work in their discussion forums (http://www.truthisallthatmatters.org/community/forums/) and the activities of the Just One Look Grassroots help bring greater understanding of the looking and its consequences and practical actions that can be taken to ease the transition between life before and after the act of looking at yourself.

You can read a brief history of their work here: http://bit.ly/jolhistory

Now, it seems to me that there is a new stage in their work, where they are seeking to bring spiritual seekers back into the conversation. Spiritual seekers are already actively seeking for an explanation and a solution to the human predicament and they would benefit greatly from their method.

What they offer is a simple act that makes everybody capable of finding what is true from themselves. They don't tell you what's true about the nature of reality, about the nature of existence, about what how you should be and what your real being is.

The simple act of "looking at yourself" (turning attention to the sense of me) makes us self-reliant and able to investigate and explore for ourselves what is true, what is real. John and Carla want to reach out to all communities of human beings, regardless of their beliefs and practices, and that includes the spiritual, non-dual community.

Anyone who is interested in giving their work wider publicity and who has means of helping spread their message of self-reliance and peace may contact John and Carla at info@justonelook.org.

John and Carla Sherman presume to provide a conversation for anyone who has just once looked at "me" and wants to continue to talk about it. And for free. Give what makes sense to give.

Hi John

I don't know if you have solved your fundraising woes or not but I wanted to make you aware of a fundraising project that was shown to me by Rev Joe Wolfe whom I Believe you know and have met. He uses this fundraiser to support his Prison Ministry. (Links to outside website removed)

The basic idea is to raise funds for your project by sharing this with others to help them fund there outreach programs or projects. A "pay it forward" system that changes the focus from Looking for money to helping others first and then receiving the funds you need as a result of giving.

Take a look and if you have questions or comments let me know.♥


It struck me this morning, as I was thinking about the recent great forum posts, that we need to get this word out there fast and efficiently. I thought that speaking to large groups would be more efficient than one on one relating......having the whole group look together. Perhaps there would even be a synergistic affect when done this way?

Than I thought about John in prison and how this was the genesis of the whole endeavor. John's pain in prison caused him to search in a way that he may not have done in another setting. There also seems to be a theme among lookers that they are more open to this act when they are desperate and have exhausted all other resources. Anyway, I got this vision of groups of prisoners listening to John and doing the looking with him. He would have total credibility given his past and the audience, it would seem, would be highly focused on his story and the act of looking. I also think word would spread within the prison system about this new thing that others are doing to feel better.

Also, We could change society from the bottom up, the inside out (not that the prison population is necessarily the bottom of society). It might also be a good setting to do a clinical study. Choose prisoners who are going to be in prison for at least four more years and are relatively stable within one prison system and do a longitudinal clinical trial over four or five years.

Funny, I just read an article (Cracked on FB) about prisoners that won a debate contest over a Harvard team. Not all that related but I just read it before reading your post here, which is a great idea. I once attended a one-day training to become certified to do spiritual counseling at my local facility. Never actually did any counseling.

Do we have any data on the general profiles that would-be lookers fall into? Can we survey past lookers to help point us to more likely 'candidates'? I may be wrong but I have a hunch that people must first be in a particular mindset.

Brilliant idea Jackx! I have mentioned that I have great hopes for the looking to halt our collective destructive demeanor and recidivism, for example, is a way to measure the general satisfaction among subjects.

Bradley, everyone living in fear is a would-be looker. Making others perform the look has nothing to do with them or their state of mind. It's a skill which you have to acquire and develop by practicing it like any other skill. Personally, I see this is the defining act of the Bodhisattva, using this life to perfect the art.

Hey Jackx and Bradley!

Your idea on prisons, Jackx, is an interesting one. Considering the physical and social boundaries of a prison it could very well a grateful place to bring the message of the looking to many in a short period of time. Both inmates and correctional officers would benefit a great deal, just like you and I have, no doubt. USA has a lot of folks in this category too. If it's successful maybe it could spread. I believe we need ideas like this that have potential to give Carla and John's message wings so to speak.

Bradley, it seems to me no-one needs to be in a certain state of mind. In fact making people look (remember it only takes once) doesn't seem at all that difficult. A guy from Amnesty International approached me in the street the other day. I declined his invitation to join but just by being friendly and gently bringing the suggestion to him he made the move of attention with intent. Just like John says; intent is the key.

I think an attractive perspective or hook would be an offering of sanity.The Way of Sanity may sound like a spiritual type of practice but it is not.The attraction would be a part of a person's need or yearning for the silence to settle and be without fear.So much noise and fast dancing tends to numb and exhaust and an offering of sanity is very straight and to the root of looking without any bait and switch nonsense.The whole process of looking,recovery and the deep enjoyment of being human could be included in this presentation.


I think an attractive perspective or hook would be an offering of sanity.The Way of Sanity may sound like a spiritual type of practice but it is not.The attraction would be a part of a person's need or yearning for the silence to settle and be without fear.So much noise and fast dancing tends to numb and exhaust and an offering of sanity is very straight and to the root of looking without any bait and switch nonsense.The whole process of looking,recovery and the deep enjoyment of being human could be included in this presentation.

A very good point clearly stated, riewnai1. I will add it to my toolbox.

Although I have found it hard to translate sane/sanity to Swedish without it sounding like an insult, putting it like it's something they should want, ie don't already are/have. Suggesting they have fear faces the same problem. Still looking for language and an approach to efficiently communicate what we are talking about here in my mother tongue.

Many I meet are deep in denial over their own dissatisfaction and I find it challenging to talk to them about the looking in terms they will accept. Indeed the experience of going through looking and recovery is greatly benefited by insight to the process of recovery and the community here, and while I wish I had the means to convey this when sharing the looking I find it secondary to the looking itself. Any time I deviate and sound like there's an important message, or if there's more work to be done, I lose influence over their attention and run the risk of being shut out before getting through.

My opinion on sharing the looking with others is that we should keep our eye on the ball. Make them look. Bait and switch is nonsense, but so is the whole context of a fearful mind. John's approximation of 10% of humans to heal the world seems legit. Everything else we accomplish along the way is bonus.

The simplicity of this act is a profound gift to humanity. At the present moment, it lacks validity and acceptance in the general public's eyes, imo. Focusing on marketing (bad word) this as an anxiety killer could potentially get the word out effectively with the resulting exposure reaching the general public.

I also would love to be able to read a book that was a distillation of highlights from all of the YouTube content, put in written form and grouped and indexed. There is wonderful knowledge and insight there as well as instruction.

The act of looking allows a new way of relating to life to be born.The recovery period is a process of re-orientation. A teacher that brought a type of energy balancing work called Jin Shin Jyutsu to North America from Japan called Mary Burmeister defined fear as False Evidences Appearing Real.I find this insight relevant to this act of looking because the fear of life undercurrent depends on false evidences to support a reality.Not REALITY but a reality.People will enjoy being human when they no longer base their reality on false evidences.

Join me in looking at looking for human peace!

A considerable portion of what goes on in my head these days is about the looking and specifically how to spread it. Many ideas pop up, some are good while others"¦ need development. I have seen all types come and go, from creating a fear-free destination hostel, to acquiring the rainbow body, and to try and get the RiverGanga foundation awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Thoughts I put my attention on grow and develop. Sometimes they turn into actions but for the most part they keep evolving into finer and more delicate forms, like how a potted flower will bloom if cared for. Others have a run until they sooner or later meet their fate and are debunked as non-viable or uninteresting for whatever reason, in which case they normally dissipate quickly. All this happens seemingly on its own, only with attention as a rudder. But how this works is old news.

The news for me is the importance of community. What has recently caught my eye is that when we commune with one another and use our collective attention we can drive these developments at a much quicker rate than if we are alone. We feed of each other's creativity and expressions and it seems the mere presence of others will inspire, energize and accelerate a process greatly. And according to what I observed combining our beams of attention becomes extraordinarily powerful when the group members are not distracted by a context of fear.

All that is done within Just One Look is in truth a collective achievement: I set a personal goal of sharing the looking with one person per day and even though I can't always meet that goal the results of the effort and attention put into it are, unlike most dreams, totally real. And if it wasn't for all the people in the forums, the natural state blog, the meetings and all the rest, all which comes from our common efforts, I would never have had the courage or inspiration to work in such a way. As the mind dreams of a great future upheaval, making strategies good and bad, what is happening here on the ground is that person by person the human creature, writ large, is getting better by the day, all thanks to grass roots. At heart this insight implies that simply paying attention to the components which make up our community can and will accelerate this movement further, and that we don't need to know exactly how it will unfold but only to trust that our presence here counts.

If what I have seen about communal effort is true, that we can collaborate by bare will and attention and that all forms of participation will help and grow the collective intelligence, not a huge amount of effort is needed from each one of us to energize Just One Look so it can grow and flourish even more. It is my feeling that whatever comes out of it will be exemplary of all that is good, right and beautiful in this world. This is the greatest and most valiant attempt for lasting peace that probably ever was attempted! So join in! We'll cross our streams of attention, kind of like how they did it in those 80's movies while busting the worst kind of ghosts, and maybe we have a chance to bust the real ghost, the fear of life - once and for all!

Keeping track

I just thought it might be useful to set up a map that visualizes the actual spreading-process, something like a sociogram but with a geographic map as basis. So that one can actually "see" this work grow. If all public looking materials (videos, slideshows, neuwsletters etc.) have a button integrated that says "I've done the looking" (or something like that), each one who has done the act by clicking the button automatically reports this (along with his/her location and date) to the system which then makes this visible in the map. This would enable one to see the progress and evaluate strategies.

Yes, JaJa83, this is a great idea! We would love to have something like that on our website.

John and I have no clue how to implement it. Do you?

Is there a programmer here in the forum who knows how to develop this and would like to work with John and me on it?

I think this should be done by a professional programmer. There are, however, many tools out there that will make it quite easy for that person to implement it. Just google "data visualization and mapping tools" and you will find a large variety of possible solutions for the visualization part such as Tableau, Modest Maps (open source!), StatPlanet, Maplarge and even google maps API. If you go to maplarge.com/visualization you'll find, very nicely presented, what types of maps there are and what functions are important. The data collection system that receives the signal from the "I've don the looking" button and the button itself shouldn't be that difficult to program for a person with average programming skills.


Thanks, JaJa83! I think we can get Google maps in our Google non-profit account. Now let's see if someone shows up who can help us set up the data collection part.


Developing countries seem a good opportunity to promote the act via radio or even TV. You can reach a masses of people for very low costs.

Just an idea...

Yes, we want to get to the point where we can do advertising on TV and radio. Billboards too. There are many things we can do to get the message out. The only thing that stops us from doing it is lack of money.

If you click on the world map that is at the bottom of all the pages on our website, you will see that we already reach lots and lots of people all over the world. Through our live help widget, we receive messages from many different countries, like Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Qatar, Mexico, US, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Maldives, Brazil, Rwanda, Georgia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, South Africa, and lots of questions from India, to name just a few. I reply to each one of the messages personally.

Quite some time ago you said that you are doing a crowdfunding project and also publish a book...what happened to that. These can provide good sources of income, I think.

And also how about government grants? Or what are your plans about getting money...let us hear about it so we can find ways to contribute!


Dear JaJa,

Thank you for your question!

I think you must know this by now but, for everyone else who reads this, John and I do all the work here. We are the only employees of the RiverGanga Foundation.

We are a 74-year old man and a 56-year old woman working from our home office. We work at least 50 hours a week on our computers, seven days a week. No weekends and no vacations since 1999. In the beginning, when we were still in the spiritual circle, we used to be able to pay ourselves a little less than the minimum wage, but we have not received any pay at all since the last quarter of 2015.

We are still working on that book you mentioned. We ran a crowdfunding campaign on a platform called Generosity but we did not raise enough money to get professional help with the book design, typesetting, cover design, and book promotion, so the project had to be placed on the back burner for a while

But I have too many other things to do anyway, such as producing, filming, recording, editing, and posting new content on our blog, our podcast, and our YouTube Channel; creating subtitles for our YouTube videos; designing and making new products for our store; scheduling, producing and running webinars and in-person meetings; maintaining the website; posting regularly on a number of social sites; maintaining the computers, book keeping with QuickBooks; providing customer support by email and by phone; replying to messages in the Live Help widget; answering phone calls; maintaining the forums, and replying to emails, to name just a few of my regular tasks.

John is just as busy with the foundation's financial management; replying to letters and emails; learning how to create a responsive website, maintaining the code backbone of the forum and the website; taking care of all the numerous filings with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California that must be done every quarter; writing a new book that will present our work to the world in its entirety, and much more.

Regarding income from books, we have several ebooks available in our store and one print book that was self-published in 2010 through Lightning Source.

In our experience so far, a self-published book doesn't seem to bring in any meaningful income. If you don't have a publisher and a publicist behind you, it's really hard. For example, in the entire year of 2016, the combined income from print books and Kindle ebooks sold through Amazon and other online venues all over the world was a mere $241.65. The gross income from our own store (before credit card fees were deducted) was $1,769.00, and about 85% of that was from mp3 downloads.

The crowdfunding campaign also has been delayed, for the same reason: not enough time to get it finished. We are still working on it.

Here's an idea for anyone who is unable to make a personal donation to help support our work. How about throwing a fundraising party, a bake sale, or maybe a bingo party? People could be asked to pay a small fee at the door, knowing that the money raised will go to support a worthwhile cause.

If you are an artist, you could try to sell one of your pieces on eBay and have the proceeds donated to our organization. The money raised can be sent to us from anywhere in the world through PayPal. If the money is sent from one PayPal account to another, PayPal does not charge us the processing fee, which is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (their reduced fee for charities).

We want to submit grant proposals but, without professional help, it is a daunting task. It takes many, many hours of work to research the foundations and organizations that might be open to reading our proposal, and many more hours to write a proposal that will have any chance of even being read. With both John and I permanently occupied with keeping everything running, there is no time left for any of that.

Basically, we need to raise money to be able to hire someone to help us raise money... You see the problem?

And right now, we are not even making ends meet.


Donate on eBay

forum post

We are a registered with eBay for Charity. If you sell or buy an item on eBay, you can choose to donate the entire sale price or part of it to our organization. Simply log into your eBay account and choose The River Ganga Foundation as your favorite charity.

Visit our page on eBay for Charity.

Thank you for working so hard, Carla. You inspired me to give a donation. I'm so grateful.

Thank you very much, Jackx!

An idea to spread this teaching

I was just reading John's new post that Carla posted on the forum. I did have one idea for spreading the word more. I've been involved in the spiritual healing scene in NYC here for close to 20 years. I had facilitated a spiritual healing group here for several years that had numerous people attending, as well as traveling up and down the east coast with medical doctors speaking of spiritual healing. What I have observed in this time is that nothing really spreads something out like word of mouth and concrete results.

I think, were John to write a new book which talked about the Self-Directed Attention practice and how it should be used after the looking to greatly speed things up, that this could create a real stir. The reason being, all the people already interested in this work could be encouraged to write a review of the book on Amazon, and this, to me, is non-biased word of mouth advertising that goes out worldwide. People could include in their reviews how they've already been helped and all the benefits obtained. I think about very well known spiritual teacher types in the past like Wayne Dyer and Eckhardt Tolle - well there's a number of them.. And they came into popularity through writing these best-selling books. I've never published a book on Amazon but I know people who have. I don't know about the cost of publishing just a e-book alone, but I would imagine it would be much less costly than also having a paperback version. So, since $$ is an issue, perhaps starting with an e-book? Ok, these are my current thoughts about this after reading John's post and reading some ideas about spreading this teaching out here on the forum. All the very best, Lex

I like the ebook idea, Lex, and now that the Just One Look Facebook group is up and running, that would be another good place to promote it, along with Twitter, G+, etc.

Yes, and everybody can help by sharing our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, YouTube, our podcast and blog posts on those platforms.

The links to our pages on those sites are on our website menu at https://www.justonelook.org and also at the bottom of our newsletter.

It doesn't take much to share the posts on the social sites or email the information to a friend. Just liking the post doesn't do much. It's best to share it on your own page.

Roed_ recently said that he made a decision to share Just One Look with at least one person every day. Anyone can do that too! You can talk to someone, or email them a link to our website to a friend, sharing our postings on social sites, etc.

Let's be creative!


I think, were John to write a new book which talked about the Self-Directed Attention practice and how it should be used after the looking to greatly speed things up, that this could create a real stir.

Dear Lex, thank you for sharing your ideas. And yes, we agree that a new book is really what is needed at this point. We believe it will help spread the word and get John some new invitations to speak.

We are working on a couple of new books and we will self-publish them through Just One Look Press as soon as we can, both as paper books and ebooks. Since there is only John and I here doing all the work, everything goes very slowly, because there simply is not enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be done.

We are a very small 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation, but our operation is very complex, with several layers. For 18 years, John and I have worked non-stop to develop and keep Just One Look available to all.

Besides those two books that are works in progress, we have an ebook coming out next week that we think will help spread the word. It is a collection of reports we have received from people all over the world in the last five years or so, where they speak about how Just One Look has affected their experience of life. Jazzrascal is currently proofreading it. We will make the pdf ebook available on our website and we will also offer it as a kindle ebook.

Right now, we really need some financial support from the community while we figure out other ways to pay the bills to keep the work alive. If people would pledge to donate a small amount every month just for one year, that would really help us get through this difficult time.

To anyone reading this, we really need volunteer help! Please look at https://www.justonelook.org/volunteers/index.html for more details.

And if you can't help with the office work, you can help by telling people about our work and sending them to our website.

Also, if anyone in Southern California is willing to gather a group of people interested in hearing John, we will set up a meeting. It doesn't have to be a big deal. It can be in someone's house.

Oh this is fantastic news! So happy to hear it:- I hope this goes through, I'm writing on my BlackBerry here. Anyway, yeah, great to hear this Carla!!

I know a good amount of people in the spiritual community I can send the links out to the book once they're ready - besides the website which I'm already doing.


I have an idea for increasing monthly donations. Instead of asking for a monthly donation, give it a title like a 'membership' or 'supporting member' in the manner of NPR or other non-profit organizations. Give some perks.....everyone likes to get something tangible for their donations (not that the work you do isn't tangible). Five dollar a month members might get a hat or t-shirt. Ten dollar a month might get a mug. Fifteen or twenty a month will get you a copy of John's upcoming book or a little owl necklace or pin.....a box set of 'classic' retreat talks, etc. Members might get some perks around the website, less moderation on the forums, their name on a members list.

I don't know the psychology of this, but I give larger one-off donations every several months and for some reason resist the idea of signing up for monthly donations......but if it was a membership and I get a t-shirt I would be in. Seems silly, but it might work.

What do the rest of you think?

Definitely! More perks could be a flair saying "monthly donor" under the portrait in the forums. Or perhaps monthly donors get emailed a download link of the video recording after each online meeting for free.

It's a good idea, but the maybe the perks should be handled by volunteers, so Carla and John won't have even more on their plate!

hi, I just made a donation because I really like that John and Carla focus on the practical benefits of inward looking in everyday life. I like that so called spiritual experiences and theory are not the main event and that talk about recovery seems to be welcome and not put down as story.

my first comment didn't show up last year, maybe I hadn't read the rules thoroughly. I am back again as I like the down to earth practicality here and have seen recovery in the last year in my life and am not searching for spiritual experiences. I am not committing to monthly donations yet as I don't know how moderation is going to work for me.

It's beautiful that John and Carla are doing this work and not charging exorbitant prices, making it accessible to all.

I love their honesty and openness about this process and when i read the rules today with the ban on theory and spiritual comparison etc I had such a big smile John, rebellion, maybe it's just what's needed.

whether or not this place is for me time will tell. Best wishes and thank you either way.

Dear Amanda, welcome! We're really glad that you're here and we look forward to reading about your experiences related to Just One Look.

Regarding a previous post of yours: I looked at your account and searched the forum archives but I could find no posting from you other than the one you made today. Maybe you did not submit the posting. That happens sometimes...

I agree Jackx, I think there is something, psychologically, to doing things like that. I guess that's why a good amount of non-profit organizations do offer something like that.

This is a good idea, and I just came from the IRS website, and confirmed that what is called "quid pro quo contribution" from a donor that has a value of less than $75 does not have to be reported on our IRS reports.

This means that we could do something in the forums like the badge you suggested, and even a free ebook or recording or other small thing to be sent automatically when the donation is captured.

But implementing it in forums with badges or anything else is a problem because there is no direct way to identify the donors in the forums since forum members do not use their real names as usernames.

An idea about how to spread this teaching

YouTube probably has thousands of videos of smooth music to calm fear, anxiety, and so on. Tons of people watch/listen to these, and often the comment sections are filled with comments from stressed out, suffering people. How about if we post the URL of this site in the comments, with a suggestion about how it might help, how it is helping us, etc.?

That's a good idea. If a lot of people do that, it may have an impact.

Youtube is one of the most popular ways to spread information these days.. People can watch it, listen to it while driving, etc.. Great idea JR!smily


The url John posted here is the old one. We have a branded url: https://www.youtube.com/justonelook. That's easier to remember.

Maybe it could be up to the forum users to give their user name when making the pledge (or at any time after) to get their badge. This could be communicated to users/donors in a sticky thread on forum and on the relevant product descriptions in the web store, maybe elsewhere too, like the thank you email.

We are now developing a forum subscription structure and it will be available soon.

Carla, there are many programmers on fiverr.com who can do this for 20-25 $.I had posted a request the time the idea was fresh but somehow I didn't follow up on it. There are 3 guys who say they can do this within 1-3 days (shanklq, amitsarker1992, and umimehar) The first said he's specialized in working with google Maps api. You should be able to find them by these names on fiverr.com. If you need any support in handling this, let me know.

Thank you, JaJa83! I'll look into it as soon as I can.

That's a great idea Jaja. It brought me the idea we could have a volunteer directory with those who are interested in helping out here, too. It would help keeping track of our locations, specific skills and so on. That would make it easier to get an oversight of what we have to work with in terms of human recourses. We could divide tasks among us easier and track how these projects develop. I know there are plenty of good tools for this type of collaboration, some of them are free or nearly free, I can look into what options are available. But is this something people would be interested in participating in?

By the way I'm still waiting for a response from the folks in TV regarding advertisements, maybe I will hear something this week.


But is this something people would be interested in participating in?

Yes definitely! See how many visitors there are every month. If these are real people and no bots there are huge resources that slip through our hands every day. There should be a platform for participation, so that things grow from the grassroots...


YouTube probably has thousands of videos of smooth music to calm fear, anxiety, and so on. Tons of people watch/listen to these, and often the comment sections are filled with comments from stressed out, suffering people. How about if we post the URL of this site in the comments, with a suggestion about how it might help, how it is helping us, etc.?

This is a great idea, Amy. Have you tried doing it yet? I'd love to know what happens...

We need to give more, collectively!

Hi all! I want to take this moment and remind everybody that our project here is entirely dependent on donations from us in this community, and that, unfortunately, we are not meeting the running costs at our current rate.

I'm already maxed out as to what I can pledge and still keep a living, so all I can do right now is ask you guys, on behalf of all of us really, to look if it is not possible for you to further help keep our community alive by giving some money. Even better I think would be if you could also find another person who has gained benefit from our work, and ask them to make a monthly pledge. Remind them of our ambitious and urgently necessary goal of providing sanity for all humans everywhere - free of charge. I have some emails to write myself regarding that point..

'Cause here's the plan: If we can only get a steady income that supports our monthly operational costs (which is not all that much tbh.) we would be able to focus on asking for bigger money, the real money, elsewhere, like from grants or altruists and other deep pockets. That kind of funding would allow for us to spread our message to everybody everywhere through all kinds of channels, like mass media for instance. So perhaps you see the bigger picture here.

But! Our work is currently halted because of a lack of basic, operational funding, and when I consider the way the world works, the effects of fear on our humanity, the things we do with our precious time here, how we are consuming, where the money ends up, then I think.. how can something of this caliber still struggle to survive when it already touched the heart of so many? I don't know why that is, and this time I'm not looking to guilt trip anyone by saying it, only to ask for a moment of appreciation what has been given here, and look to see if there is something useful you can do right now to help out. As is familiar, the weight on each one of us gets less with every person sharing the burden, and we could really use all the help we can get right now. So, thank you very much for considering all this with me. I know we can do it.

Yes! I regularly comment on YouTube hoping at least somebody will check it out. After all, I found my way here via Youtube once upon a time smily

Let's protect what we have

I am concerned about the money problems that hound John and Carla with the upkeep and creativity of this work.

Most of us have found our way here via the spiritual world....frustrated and disillusioned with the spiritual world. We came here and were taught a method that brought us home to our own lives. And, we found that in spite of all the searching, our lives, just the way they are, is what we were seeking in the first place.

How do you place a price on sanity....on self-reliance....on satisfaction?

As former residents of the spiritual ghetto, who among us hasn't travelled far and wide, sat with teachers, paid monthly subscription fees, huge retreat fees, donations, etc. and yielded results so much less than what we are experiencing here?

As a businessman, I'm not sure I agree with John's philosophy of not charging for anything, but it is his decision and I respect it and him. The method, podcasts, open houses, and YouTube videos are all free. These are ongoing support tools made with love for the community. If we have a burning question, John and Carla are available at least once a week on line to help. Where else can you find this kind of personal attention and support? Try getting Mr.or Mrs. Big Shot spiritual teacher to answer your question!

At this stage, John should be able to focus on writing and speaking with people. Carla should be able to easily do the things needed for the Foundation, and helping people herself. Neither should have to sweat the money thing month after month.

I have challenged myself to give monthly and to stay active and involved. It won't take that many of us doing this to keep them going and free up the time and energy for the work to move. I know that the money thing is sensitive and it pushes a lot of people's buttons. Some people really don't have the means to help in this way and we all understand that. Stay with us anyway! But, there are a lot of us out here who can afford to give. This is who I am speaking to.

I love this work and I love John and Carla and I think we can move through this issue and on to bigger and more important things for them.

Thank you for your consideration,


Lookers tell their stories
Review the books!

This may seem like a small thing, but writing reviews of John and Carla's books can go a long way to attract new readers and potential lookers. They have several Kindle books on Amazon...get yourself copies of them and write a review! As an independent author myself, I appreciate the importance of reader reviews...they go a long way to help spread the word about your book. It doesn't matter if you think you can't write well enough to post a review. Just write what you honestly loved about the book, and potential readers will feel your sincerity. What do you say? Are you on board? smily

Awesome Amy. Yes, I definitely agree 1,000%. Good book reviews go a LONG way. I've bought many books going by customer reviews. And I know many others who do so as well. John and Carla's latest book is the clearest yet I feel in terms of describing how to follow the JOL teaching. I think I agree with everything they're saying in it. Which is unusual since I'm hyper-critical about JOL! And I hope that's taken in a good way - because I think it may be so revolutionary for so many people. I'm just waiting to write a review as I want to see more consistent practical results from JOL in my practical life on a daily basis. I'd like to be able to include this in my review of course. As I emailed you, I feel like I'm getting quite close to this!smily

Don't wait!!! smilysmilysmily

(p.s. You can always write another one later...an updated one!)

In the famous words of Jon Hendricks: "Now's the time to wail...not later, but right now's the time!" ;)

Haha! Yeah, I was thinking about doing that. Reviewing and updating it. To be honest though, I have told a good amount of friends and people I know about JOL now. Because I have, I'm just concerned that one of them might go on to order the book and see my review. And, then, say something like, 'Oh Lex wrote that review..but didn't he just do (insert some crazy thing or other I might do). Is it really working for him?' lol.. I figure if I wait until more of the fear of life is gone from my life on a daily basis, then that will lessen my crazy behaviors that I may engage in in my practical life In this way, if I wait a little bit to review, my practical life life can back up the review!

I'll tell you what though, I think it's time I post a little update on our SDA survey and monitoring threadsmily

Please help, people!

Here's something we call all do that has the potential to get more financial support for JOL.

All you have to do is write a little review of JOL for the Great Non-Profits website. Only 8 more 5-star reviews are needed for JOL to win the 2018 Top -Rated Non-Profit Award. But the more reviews the better, because this increases JOL's chances of being noticed by interested parties: donors, sponsors, volunteers.

This has already been posted here on the website...maybe you didn't see it? It seems to me we could/should have had A LOT of reviews by now.

So c'mon people, write up a little review...you never know the benefits it might bring. And do it NOW because there's a deadline: just TWO WEEKS from today.

Here's the link:


Thank you, jazzrascal!

Hi folks! We only need 2 more 5-star reviews to become a 2018 Top-Rated Non-Profit. Will you write a few words? It would be really nice if people who never wrote a review there wrote one.


Hindrances for studying TJOLM using quantitative methods?

Quantitative studies are often used by our modern institutions to test the effectiveness of a treatment. They aim to show with statistical data how and if something is working. It has been done with mindfulness practice, and with significant results. The many 5-star reviews on Great Non-profits are indeed telling for the effectiveness of JOL, but we who have put reviews there are likely to be biased. There needs to be a control group to prove something statistically. But I wonder, what are some obstacles or hindrances for studying TJOLM using quantitative methods?

The first and so far only that comes to my mind is an ethical matter. Say that a study is designed using questionnaires. Two groups of volunteers get to rank different aspects of their well being, perhaps using similar questions as in previous studies. Then one group is encouraged to work with TJOLM, but the other is not. After a period of time all the respondents take the questionnaire again and the results can then be compared. But what about the control group who are not instructed to look at themselves and subsequently practice SDA? They will be left behind in such a scenario, and that doesn't sound right to me. Maybe it is OK if they are offered the same solution at the end of the study? Still not entirely good to my ears, but that may only be me.

And "‹ethics aside, I wonder what other issues could arise. I'm not a psychologist and have no training in how to study mental health. I may have overlooked the obvious... But what the heck, shouldn't it be straight forward to just copy a study from this field, but change the treatment to JOL/SDA?

I'd like to hear your thoughts about it, this could be a useful discussion. If JOL is statically proven effective in the field of mental health it may generate a whole lot of positive attention. I mean, TJOLM should be like a wet dream for every mental health professional out there, if it really works.



I've thought this too. Research is tricky and the design would have to be good. One of the pitfalls is how long it takes for the effects to become apparent. Most studies are over a matter of weeks or months. I would think a JOL study would have to take years complete fully....

good idea though.

Yes, in my mind the difficulty Jackx makes is the most obvious. Year long studies must have been made before, though? Would it require huge sums of money? The ethical issue is there, but it's a muddled one as we wouldn't "know" if it was effective until proven as such. But is a control group even necessary for a study of this kind? Controlled might be the gold standard but I think it would work even without one. Or another form of intervention could be provided for the control group, or even a comparative study weighing JOL against, say, mindfulness mentioned above. I have no idea how a good study is put together, but it's certainly seems worth the trouble.

Yes, it's a great idea roed! I agree with you about the control group thing and ethics. From my background I absolutely know testimonials are very powerful. They do become even more powerful when backed up by a trained professional. My idea right now is just to get people sharing about their experiences using the SDA to eliminate the soldiers of fear. I'll have to think more about your idea of Quantitative studies, and how that could be carried out. This is a fairly new development for John and Carla - implementing the SDA exercise this way I mean. So a lot of the testimonials are even from before the SDA exercise was established. I feel that what would be extremely powerful right now is to get as many people as possible sharing their positive experiences with the SDA exercise. The ones who are generally practicing it on a daily basis I mean. Just a report saying something along the lines of; 'I did the looking and then started a daily practice of SDA the way John and Carla outline.' After 2 years, I started to notice dramatic changes in my practical life. I was suffering a lot less. Things and situations that caused me suffering, just don't any more.' So that's what I'm speaking of. Then we could get a better idea of how the SDA exercise effects people and an approximate time frame as well. Like you said in the other post, perhaps establishing a time frame wouldn't work. Maybe one person gets benefits practicing the SDA after a few months, and, for another, it takes 2 years. But we'll only know that if people share. I just thought of my recent share on the survey thread. Where, now, after practicing the SDA for around 10 months, I can much more easily bring attention to my breath when disturbing thoughts arise. That alone has started to become helpful, so I consider it a milestone in my own development. Best, Lex

Well I said when I feel like I am starting to feel consistent results on a day-to-day basis I would write an Amazon review of TJOLM... Just didsmily

A Story and Why We Need Your Help Now

Dear friend,

Today we want to tell you a story. And we want to explain why we need your help so badly now.

In 2008, we stopped offering spiritual meetings (satsang) because, after 10 years of traveling to meet with people all over the country, we had come to see that we were doing nobody any good other than providing some temporary relief and pleasant experiences.

We knew from our own personal experience that a lot more than passing spiritual experiences was possible for everyone, so we focused our attention on the Internet, determined to speak with people outside of the spiritual arena and to bring to them the essence of the ancient practice of Self-Inquiry as presented by Ramana Maharshi, but stripped of all spiritual ideas.

We wanted to talk directly to people without the cloud of spiritual understanding. Our goal was to get to the core of the practice that had freed us and find a way to offer it to anyone willing to try it, regardless of their background. That's how we developed The Just One Look Method, which has already produced permanent results in the lives of thousands of people.

Continue reading here.

How to speak to others about the just One Look Method

After some time has passed since doing the Looking you see so many wonderful changes happening. It's the same life but...completely different. The

sense that this is not just about you creeps in. There is a strong desire to share this with others. You see more and more, people struggling with the added burdens of self-doubt, fear on top of the everyday problems. This added burden seems now so unnecessary. You see so much suffering that is well.. unnecessary. This is not something only your logical mind sees. Many people know and realize that much suffering is unnecessary. They do what they can to alleviate it in their own small way. My own awareness of the suffering of others has altered radically. It's not just a thought in your head. Others are a part of you somehow. So far I've been content to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the Looking and that's been OK. I'm not getting down on myself because I'm alright with things as they are but the sense that I"m not alone here is getting stronger. I don't know if this is part of the recovery or perhaps the final aim of the recovery. Truth is, I'm not sure how to share this (the Looking) with people without proselytizing or getting on a pulpit. I suspect all this will work itself out in time but if anyone has experienced these feeling, I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks.

I really think that the spreading of this teaching is up to all of us, and that we all have our unique strengths in the ways in which we can do that. Although I have spoken about JOL to a fair number of people now, I never have been the one to bring up the topic 'out of the blue', so to speak. It's always been in a context of someone telling me about some suffering they're going through, or just a group of us talking about deeper matters. I really feel a person is going to have to be going through some major suffering of some sort to have the desire to apply a teaching like JOL. Although I also think it's really good for as many people to know about this teaching as possible. Who knows what might happen with a person who is feeling good right now, several weeks, months, or years down the line? I am also able to speak of JOL in my profession as a jazz musician as a way to help improvisation.

Now that John and Carla have put links to past webinars up, you can direct people to webinars where John and Carla lead people through the looking and the self-directed attention exercise.

I currently have the idea that, as the 'soldiers of fear' continue to fall away for me, I will gain more clarity and avenues about communicating JOL. I have said several times on this forum that, when I experience periods of less discursive thought I feel much more 'sane' and 'at ease'.

Also, I tend to think there may be an energetic type component to all of this. Like, when one is walking around with very little fear and just very empowered/self-reliant..however you may want to put it.. I think there are others who tend to 'pick up' on that. They might even not know why they pick up on something. But I think there may be this energetic-type component which exists in all of this.

Then again, maybe you don't have to go through major suffering.. You could be motivated just to improve aspects of your life... Like when I talk to jazz students about it. And I think of people who go off to long meditation retreats... they're not all going through intense suffering I'm sure.. So there could be all different motivations now that I think about it..

I appreciate your thoughtful response, Ljazz. I agree that raising the subject of JOL is best done in the context of a discussion with someone regarding personal problems and attempts to solve them. Also, perhaps some of the good effects of JOL will rub off on others so you'll be teaching this method more by example, through your actions. Personally, I arrived at JOL after having tried almost everything else e.g. meditation, various therapies, exotic and traditional so I feel there is an "end of the line" factor here. One has to be open to different ideas or rather "be opened" by life experiences. There has to be a willingness, a really intense desire to break free of the mental chains but, as you say, people might try it for a variety of reasons. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." but it's important to get it to the water!

Excellent sentiments antony. I think we came from similar backgrounds as far as seeking. Yes, I think, in a lot of cases, it is an 'end of the line" factor that brings people to JOL, and Life seems to push one to that point. At least that's what I've always observed. I just think the more people that have real, tangible success with JOL, the more it will naturally spread out. And, although most all of us have the fear of life, we're not all in the same place. Maybe there are those who will do the looking and the self-directed attention exercise but who don't necessarily have a lot of disturbing thoughts to begin with. Things could go faster for them. In my experience, I would say 80% of the people I encounter seem to really be going through some type of suffering/issues and have a lot of disturbing thoughts. But not always. I have a few friends who are very at peace with life and they are also open to JOL because it sounds interesting to them.

I was talking with Carla fairly recently on the email. I didn't realize that it was just John and Carla who put the whole website and forum up and designed everything. I'm so glad the site looks the way it does now, because I can send someone to the site and have them download the ebook (or buy it on Amazon) and check out all the clips. Like I was saying, we all have our strengths in communicating this. I'm good at talking about it and relating my experience and I am really thankful that the site is the way it is now because I feel like I can give someone that one, simple link to justonelook.org and they will have everything they need. And, then, if they really get interested in JOL and they ask me questions, we are basically on the same page and it is much easier for me to discuss it with them. Best, Lex


After some time has passed since doing the Looking you see so many wonderful changes happening. It's the same life but...completely different. The sense that this is not just about you creeps in. There is a strong desire to share this with others. You see more and more, people struggling with the added burdens of self-doubt, fear on top of the everyday problems. This added burden seems now so unnecessary. You see so much suffering that is well.. unnecessary. This is not something only your logical mind sees. Many people know and realize that much suffering is unnecessary. They do what they can to alleviate it in their own small way. My own awareness of the suffering of others has altered radically. It's not just a thought in your head. Others are a part of you somehow. So far I've been content to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the Looking and that's been OK. I'm not getting down on myself because I'm alright with things as they are but the sense that I"m not alone here is getting stronger. I don't know if this is part of the recovery or perhaps the final aim of the recovery. Truth is, I'm not sure how to share this (the Looking) with people without proselytizing or getting on a pulpit. I suspect all this will work itself out in time but if anyone has experienced these feeling, I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks.

I don't think it will work itself out. The niceness that can come from being with folks that are sane and sound is not self-reliance which is what I wish for people to have. I have experienced much what you are speaking of, Antony, and that has moved me to share the looking with many people, mostly by suggesting a look inward at the feeling of me. And they seem to get healthier from that. However, I'm having a lot of difficulty in is communicating about the power of attention - and how taking on the practice John and Carla recommend can be helpful to anybody (not only for us who came here at the end of the line). And I do not believe a single person I spoke to about the feeling of me has told anybody else about it. So we who know must let others know, despite the resistance, it's not gonna happen otherwise.

I try not to care so much for thoughts and feelings that stand in my way of speaking about this. People are bored sometimes, but hey, if they were self-reliant they probably wouldn't have an issue with the conversation, and either way I think they hear it. It's all practice, to be able to communicate in a clear manner without being dishonest. It's tough though, what can I say. Great topic, thanks for asking this question.

This Is An Emergency

We sent this message to our email list the day before yesterday, on June 25th. We are posting it here in case you are not a Just One Look News subscriber, so you too have a chance to help.

Dear friend,

Forgive us for this long email but, please, take the time to read it to the end. This is an emergency.

We have not been able to send you our weekly newsletter in the last two weeks and we apologize for that. Carla was ill and bed-ridden for the last two weeks. She is getting better now.

We know how irritating it can be to receive endless messages from non-profits asking for money. So we try to not bother you with these matters and do our best to support our work with other means.

But, in spite of all our efforts and pleas for support, the small monthly income needed to keep this work alive has not stabilized.

We have been working to cut down expenses and there's still some more to do but that takes time and there are just the two of us to do everything.

Our rent has increased annually since 2009, and now it's at $2,100 a month. This house is our home and also our office.

As of today, we owe a total of 3 months' back rent plus late fees. Our landlords have been very patient, but they won't wait any longer. If we can't pay in full what we owe them, they will evict us.

Since our last email to you, we received a few small donations and a couple of new monthly pledges. And just this week we received a substantial donation, which has given us some hope. We are extremely grateful.

But it's not enough. We still need to raise at least $8,000 more to allow us to catch up on the overdue rent and to give us a little breathing space.

Of course, you are under no obligation to help us. We offer our work free of charge to all because we believe that freedom from fear is everyone's birthright.

We hope you will find it in your heart to help us get out of this very difficult situation. Please make a donation today.

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We are also working on a new website that will be much easier to use, with the generous help of a friend who is donating his time and expertise. We hope to have it online very soon.

We remain optimistic.

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Glad you're feeling better Carla!

I wish I was financially rich right now so I could support you guys more in that way. Being self-employed, I feel like losing the fear of life will definitely help me generate more financial income. I just need to direct more of my focused attention to doing that now as I feel other parts of my life are healing/losing the "soldiers of fear".

But the main reason I'm writing is that I wanted to check and make sure you guys were receiving the small donations I have been sending via paypal - usually before an open house or webinar. When I first joined the group and made a donation I would get some type of receipt/note acknowledging the donation was received. In recent months, when I donate, I haven't received any confirmation. I certainly don't need any confirmation for myself, but I wanted to make sure you guys are actually getting the $$ sent! I'm still a little distrusting of the internet in general. I do a lot of shopping online, mainly Amazon, and have had my CC# stolen a number of times. Now I know to refresh my browser and do other similar type things to prevent this. I know you guys are very computer-savvy, much more so than I am anyway. I would just hate to think there is someone (or some internet business people) taking advantage of your good-natures.

Fortunately, as I progress with JOL, I am able to communicate it more and more absolutely free to people - since I use your book on Amazon or the website! Certainly it's pretty stress-free for me to just be a â "go between" in communicating about JOL. But I have gotten into a lot of interesting discussions about it, which have been very interesting. It is so much better for someone like me to have your book and website, as well as all the podcasts and, now, webinars, that I can refer people to. I don't have to do a lot of explaining about JOL at all. I just relate my own experience generally of suffering less. That's all people that I run into in my life usually care about - reducing their level of suffering. Losing fear.

So that's exciting about the new website. I hope it's nice and clean and simple! I can't imagine you guys would "doll it up" like one of those cheesy "spiritual" websites that people go to... hahaha!! ;-)

It's great to hear that you have at least one wealthy person helping you guys somewhat in a financial sense. Having a few people who are genuinely interested in JOL and practicing the self-directed attention exercise, and who are financially wealthy is definitely a great asset. Having 5 or 6 wealthy individuals who are able to help in a material sense, who are truly interested in JOL, would be ideal. Of course, it sounds like you guys need $$ like yesterday!! So, even though I can certainly see this happening in the future, what about right now? I'm sure there are many people here who are reading your post who can understand the situation you guys are in.

So what can regular people do to help? Besides donating anything we can afford to financially, I would think it would be developing our own focused attention, losing the fear of life. This, to me, seems like the absolute best thing we can be doing right now to support the JOL teaching as we can develop more clarity and have much better decision making ability when not hampered so much by the fear of life.

Well that's it from my end right now. My main purpose in writing in, as I said, is to make absolutely sure you guys are receiving all the donations you are entitled to and there is no "internet funny business" going on. If you need me to verify anything with paypal with you, such as double checking my paypal record of donations with that Wishing you all the very best, Lex

Dear Lex,

Yes, we are receiving donations through PayPal with no problem. No funny business going on.

You should have received an email from PayPal confirming your donation. Please check your spam/junk folder.

It's been very crazy here, with so much work and so much going on. I just have not had the time to thank each person who made donation in the last month. But I am going to start working on that this week.

Thank you!

Hey Carla, glad you are getting my donations.. Please don't feel you have to respond personally every time I give a donation. I just wanted to make sure the system was working. For the first few months, I would get a note saying my donations were received. For about the last 6 months, I wasn't getting any more notes, and that's what I wanted to check. I checked all my spam/junk folders and anywhere else any email might be, but no luck. As long as you are getting them, that's the important thing. So, now, I figure that means if the receipt is on paypal, then you get the donations. I hope as your $$ increases, and you have the new site up, many of the things you guys have to do manually, will be done automatically to save you guys a great deal of time! All the very best, Lex

Fyi Facebook now has a fundraiser feature for non profit organizations!!! I tried to create one for you guys but your organization couldn't be found so something you might wanna look into!

Basically anyone can create a donate button for thier favorite NP and when they share the website people can donate!

I've already raised $5 for truckers against Trafficking this way.

Hope that helps!!

Hi, Rick!

We are registered with Facebook to receive donations through them. They don't charge a processing fee, which is great.

You'll find the Donate button on this page:


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What exactly is the fund raising goal? Clarifying it could be helpful for the forum community.

The best way to help ..?

This is a 'QUESTION' many people have ..because in the background it seems negative forces are constantly gaining the upper hand in the world .If one watches TV (especially American TV) most people would agree ..the insanity appear's to get worse and worse with each passing day .Watching the news .. backs up negative feelings of hopeless guilt fear and worry .Without any doubt watching US TV feeds on making violence a 'form on entertainment' . Hopeless'ness occurs because it seems like every time we individual humans seem to solve a problem ,2 more new problems appear in its place .Guilt is next ..because no matter how hard we try to change the outside structure of the world ...the insanity rages ever stronger .Last but not least we finally arrive to ''Johns favorite subject'' ..fear and worry ? In my mind ..the only way out of this trap is to drop all expectations ..including thinking or believing doing'' the just one look method'' is the final solution to all the worlds problems. The reason I say this is because ..we learn in school Human misery has been with humanity for 10's of 1000's of years .It doesn't take much intelligence ..to come to the conclusion 'suffering' is not going away..as long as there are people ''stupidity will always be here . In this context my mind points out the obvious way out of all this insanity..is to change my relationship with *this continuous insanity* I discovered the minute I decide..to take a step back and put my attention on something positive..the fire begins to die down . Just like to share ..One doesn't need years of counting the breath or chanting mantra's or any other kind of practice to focus ones mind ..when you want something bad enough ! I think one has to search many years to arrive at such a simple solution ..? Until one's house is totally on fire ..One look is not going to help me or anyone else to be ''free of something'' that does not actually exist in the first place.

I feel suffering has its place in this regard that until we become totally sick of it ..the illness isn't going anywhere soon .


In follow-up..I'd like to add: I am very grateful for having the opportunity to contribute and share with everyone these past years . I am on the way to India for 2 months to spend time with a Indian Saint called Amma 'during the x-mass holidays until late Jan 2020.

Amma recently visited Copenhagen in Oct in which my wife and I worked at the event . We also went to see Amma in Germany . It was a fantastic experience .Wishing everyone in the US a happy upcoming thanks giving . I noticed things have slowed down around here the past few months ..not sure why ? Otherwise ..I'm happy just turning 68 not long ago ..

Good to see this post tucked away in the Forums .I hope more members take the time to read it and maybe even make a comment


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