the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Enjoying my life more and more

After decades of searching the meaning of life, my life and reading dozens of books if not hundreds, attending seminars, watching videos, going for psychotherapy etc. to get some satisfactory kind of answer, stop mental anguish and enjoy the ride, I finally found John and Carla Sherman who are devoting their lives through the RiverGanga Foundation to help us all in getting rid of the fear of life by this very simple act of looking.

I am now enjoying my life more and more in spite of difficulties that keep arising, as before, but they certainly don't have the same impact. True peace is at hand and I will always be thankful to John and Carla who are truly supportive in our endeavour. They more than certainly deserve your support.



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