the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Now I don't fear

I am totally convinced of your message being both right and working. I totally agree how difficult it is to try to look at emptiness and try to create images and beliefs of the infinite awareness and try to believe or recall that I am that. I know I am that, but since it is not enough to know intellectually, I was left with mere frustration. Also with fear, not only for living this life, but fear for such a great and magnificent beingness that is there but seems to flee all your attempts to reach it and especially all your attempts to be effortless about it and still wanting to get more to touch with that, your real self.

What a genius way you introduce. I get to look at myself a lot now. Previously, I mean before I learnt about you, I had some so called experiences. Some of them made me want to keep them or return to them (love and softness), others were so powerful (everything stopping and life running like a film, or just the sense of a lot of "power") that I was afraid even to remember them.

Now I don't fear. I see myself most of the time. I am just calm and curious about every moment. I am relieved of many things, many stupid and destructive feelings. They either don't come any more or they appear weaker, me seeing them, a bit dreamlike and being able to choose to leave those thoughts. I am also a bit confused. What am I up to?

I am very very grateful.

Thank you so much. My deep respect and appreciation.

Outi - Finland


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