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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Things are falling away...

Hi all...I'm in the throes of recovery now and it seems that practically everything that was important to me before has fallen away, at least for now: my interest in my music, my desire to reconcile with my two estranged daughters, my writing, and so on. Before this happened, I was making attempts at doing these things and judging myself as a slacker if I didn't at least try. Now I just don't care, and it's a relief. I don't do much of anything during the day except make my meals, write a few emails, and wash my clothes. Other than that I just follow what comes up or what I feel like doing in the moment. This way of living would have put me on a serious guilt trip before...haha! But I don't feel like I need to fix myself anymore. I don't even care about my bodily ailments or the fact that I've been housebound for 3 years or so...kind of weird for me, but I'm not questioning it! To me, all of this seems to indicate that JOL is definitely working (and daily SDA is a big help, too).

Have any of you experienced something similar during recovery?


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