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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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IMHO, "Addiction to Experiences" is John's best talk yet

Where I live means I miss some of John's live online meetings because they're live here @ around 5:30 am; I'm a recovering insomniac and though I'm much better after a few months of SDA, if I have a bad night, it's just too draining to be up and mentally alert then. But when I got the announcement of this title it struck such a deep chord in me that I signed up as soon as I could because the message said to do so even if you couldn't attend, because a download of it would be available afterwards. I admit to being a bit on tenterhooks until it arrived via YouTube because I was sure it was going to be a gem. I was able to watch and listen last night and I was not disappointed.

You see, much as I might still hate to admit it, understanding that there is such a thing as addiction to experiences and seeing how pervasive it is, for me at least, and how susceptible I am to it, is a critical aid to my recovery because that addiction is the very thing drives my inability to control my mind. Even addiction to "good" things like thinking over what I want to say in a post!

I can't say it any better than John did, so I won't try, but I do encourage everyone who hasn't heard this talk, to do so immediately if not sooner. It may not resonate with you so suddenly and strongly as it did for me right away, but I'm convinced it will come to be significant at some point and will help you as it has helped me and will do so until recovery is complete.

Thank you, John!


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