the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Using the Just One Look Method

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Express Yourself

This is an invitation to express yourself.

I know that who you really are (whether at the moment you are aware of it or not) is Love and compassion.

I know that what you really want is for your life and all human beings life to work.

I know that your committed to this and that all of your seeking, struggling, and concern have, albeit temporarily tainted by the context of fear, been an expression of this commitment.

I know that when we come across something that is "free", it is attractive. Especially when it is something that we sense holds the potential to make a profound difference in our life.

Now I want to be clear and direct with you about this.

This work is not free. It is offered freely. That is, you are not required to pay for it. John is very emphatic about this, he refuses to succumb to the pressure to treat you like a consumer, and is clear that this work belongs to humanity,

However, if he doesn't pay the bills, there will be no work.

This is where you and I come in. One way to act consistently with living without fear (whether at the moment you are aware of it or not) is to actively participate in the viability of the foundation that is the base of operations for this work. Said another way, in simple terms, be willing to participate in paying the bills so that this work can continue to exist and be developed.

So, this is an invitation, not a demand, not even a request. It is an invitation to be the source of the existence and success of this work. I can promise you that your participation, that is your donations, will empower you to get through the recovery with as little unnecessary suffering as possible. You see, your participation is an expression of your commitment to living life fully without fear. The greater your commitment to this, the less suffering.

I ask you to look not just at yourself, but at the reality of life, the reality of needing to pay the bills, and the reality of who you are in the matter.

And I invite you to participate in the most useful way, as did I. I invite you to make an automatic monthly donation of at least $30 (or whatever works for you) to the foundation that is the base of this work.

I love John and Carla Sherman, as I love myself. I have worked closely with them for several years now, and I trust them with my life. In reality, they work for us. And we should take good care of them.

Thank you for considering my invitation.

I love you.

If you choose to take this opportunity, act now. Go to this page on the Just One Look website and set up your monthly donation.

Thank you.


Thank you David! After my last failed attempt at spending huge amounts of money on trying to make life better, I was suicidal. At that time I met John and Carla and the fact that they didn't charge anything was the biggest draw for me. I'd done everything and bought all the T-shirts. I had nothing to loose so I honestly tried to do what John suggested: Just LOOK at what is never absent. Just for the sake of looking. Well, after a tumultuous recovery period, I can honestly say that I think the price is right. True freedom is absolutely free and I understood even before I met John, that this idea was more or less true. But. We still do live in a world that is infiltrated with beliefs in the current monetary system (much like we used to believe that the world was flat). And those beliefs, which are based on fear, are everywhere. When I look back on my experience with money over the past four years (the amount of time I've been with John and Carla) I can see clearly that I've always had enough. And I sense that if I gave a little on a monthly basis that it would not be a major problem. You know, I got pissed at my internet company and canceled my subscription recently. My neighbor offered to let me in on his wireless for free the next day. So I freed up $50 a month, which I'm going to pledge now because there always seems to be enough for whats most important. And God knows that what this simple act offers is absolutely important, for those who are interested in seeing how for human evolution can go! Which isn't much farther IMO, without a major evolutionary breakthrough. Which it what this simple inner looking is IMO.

Much Love



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