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Another report

Well, I am becoming a bit obsessed with all this. Everything changes but I abide. I got that just now from reading Jenny's post, 12 weeks of looking, october 27, 2011. I am grappling with this, and that surprises me, that it's got me by the throat, so to speak. When I began I was rather dispassionate, but today, for example, I was wrestling with whether I believe in all this or not. As John says, that doesn't matter. John the baptist, baptizing his children in the wilderness with a new (I actually wrote 'knew' but let's not be too cute) knowledge. I am honored to be so early in the stream. I highly recommend what I've been doing, starting at the earliest posts and working backward through the threads--a whole intriguing story therein. it's funny to say that this isn't a 'spiritual path,' that given I don't necessarily know what that word means, but I do understand that there is no need to point to antecedents to comprehend this. In gratitude, marlowe


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