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Wish it was more fun to look

Time get hijacked by all kind of thing that has a instant reward, like watching TV, playing, sex, etc. It's like drugs that the brain want, it's craving for what gives most pleasure. Though sometimes i experience a subtle, clean, pleasure, in the looking, like tickling the soul, in where i start to laugh. Feels like it's when i really hit the I-spot. Maybe more of that will keep me coming back to looking. Just thoughts.


You're on the right track

Yes, these observations are familiar and typical I believe when one begins the looking. Welcome to the work. Please stay with us and report your experience as time passes, and join us at the online meetings so that you can benefit from the the experience and power of being part of a community that has found that this simple act in the end brings forth the life you have always wanted.



I got a feeling of pleasure in looking at myself, too, but it was a very faint, subtle feeling. I'm happy for your I-tickling. Sounds like a nice feeling. Instant rewards are part of this life. I wouldn't see them as competition to looking. And I wouldn't see looking as something you have to do all the time, instead of seeking instant rewards. I used to think like that about spiritual practice, like mindfulness, being in the present all the time etc. Anything you get absorbed into felt like a sin. It's/was very stressful. I don't seem to feel like that anymore. Or, it's fading away.


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