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Where to look

Hi everyone,

When I look at myself it feels as if I can kind of hold attention on it for a little while. I understand it is impossible to rest on the sense of me however when I am in my car for example, I try to look, and in that effort it feels as if attention can be held there for about 10 seconds sometimes. I wonder if anyone else has similar experiences? I realize that we may only ever get a very short (tength of a second) glimpse at one time but I sometimes feel that I am resting in it slightly.

Also I saw a retreat video earlier where John was saying about holding attention somewhere in the body area where the heart is.As that is where Ramana said that the core of 'I' is rested. Is this a neccassary thing? Is that what I should be doing. Sometimes the suggestion seems so simple and dead easy but then I see videos like that which confuse things or maybe just me??? maybe this one is for John to answer?



Dear George,

I read your posting and responded to it in a live broadcast event we did on December 16, 2012.

Please let me know if more is needed.



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