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Using the Just One Look Method

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I Got The Look!

I have found that when I look I find an eternal peace which has always been "there".

I have retraced my self back and peeped at my self when I was 5, and then 9, and through my teens; and also at different times up until now. I have always been at eternal peace, the mind however resists this as much as possible, maybe through fear?

I currently am centered, and although wobbles do come, I then take time out to look within.

If I'm honest I enjoy these periods of looking within. In a way it is a grounding experience.



Even though I do experience darkness I come to realise that this darkness, despair is my creation; the creation of mind reacting to what is being experienced. This Looking is simple and jargon free, as well as not being religious or new agey. I sometimes doubt its use, but I do know its importancee ! This simple act of Looking has kept me centered and totally safe. I will be telling those close to me to also engage in the simple act of Looking.

When I Look I am blessed by what is experienced in that moment, and then I can engage in daily life centered and totally safe.


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