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There I am.

Looking back now I wonder how it took so long, it's been eighteen months with the looking and in that time I felt sure I understood what John was trying to convey, without ever really getting the taste. Then a month ago relaxing in the bath, eyes closed, I sensed a simple subtle open and perfect presence, so clearly unaffected by life's trials and tribulations. It wasn't a thought or an idea of what it should be, more of a recognition of a me that had gotten buried underneath a ton of life. It's all very amusing now, the books, the thinking, the podcasts, the time spent looking for something that was there all the time. I believe the looking will bring each of us to this same recognition. Life will still be difficult, but viewed from this place of sanity, it all seems quite miraculous, could this be a love of life...dug up.

Many thanks for the valuable work you do John.


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