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Mind's Eye

Hi. I have a few things I would love feedback from others on. Here ya go:

1) The act of looking at yourself, "the looking", (although I am not fond of the buzz-wordy nature of that expression) does not seem like an antibiotic which has the eventual, and completely hidden from me, effect of removing a pathology. Instead, it seems to open a whole new mode of living when ever it is sincerely undertaken. My experience seems to be at odds with the experience implied in the former description of looking at yourself. This new mode only seems to exist while an active looking is taking place...

2) Given what I said above... I can believe that this new mode of living, the immediacy and fullness of it, the lack or at least permeability of a membrane or partition between me and life, that all this can become a habitual and default way of living, but it seems to require multiple, even lots and lots of intentional acts of looking. Of course I can't say what the end result will be if there even is an end result beyond the moments of vibrancy it brings to life.

3) The act of looking at myself opens for me an active involvement in life. I see then that all of my normal daily activities aren't active in a spontaneous creative way at all, they are in fact very passive.

That's enough for now.

Have a good time in all that life brings today!



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