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Edge of the precipice

The looking works too fast that, now more often I come to the edge of a precipice and stop to rethink: am I making a mistake? Am I about to commit suicide? Is it some evil scheme to trap me? etc. Can anybody clear my confusion?

The mechanism made visible

Mathew kalavany

The looking works too fast that,now more oftenly I come to the edge of a precipice and stop to rethink:am I making a mistake? Am I about to commit suicide? Is it some evil scheme to trap me? etc..Can anybody clear my confusion?

Hi, Mathew

Don't know if this helps but John describes often how our very lives are built on the relentless protective reaction to the unconscious fear of life, which itself is based on the erroneous inference drawn from the instant of coming into awareness of self and the deluge of chaotic sensation that is not-us that then, with our having no frame of reference whatsoever, threatens to overwhelm us. Our first act of self-awareness is to react, to protect ourselves and that protective reaction indelibly marks all that we do going forward in life.

Leaving aside for the moment whether this explanation is "true" or not, step back from your own words for a moment and view them through that lens for a bit. They appear to be the very manifestation of that protective mechanism at work--their sole purpose is to protect you from something not yet "understood", to keep you safe. But what if, after all, you really are safe?

When I first began recognizing this fear-protection reaction in myself, I began to see it everywhere and for as far back as I can remember. For me, it is this reaction that has shrunk to where it no longer rules my life even if it hasn't totally disappeared. I just see it quicker when it happens now and once recognized, I'm easier able to move on to do what I'm going to do.

But whatever else...keep looking at you.


Re: Edge of the precipice

"Life is what we are here for." Irrespective of whatever you think, stuff happens. So after looking you experience a whole lot of thoughts. Boom--your life is in your thoughts as John notes. Instead of thoughts relegated to avoiding what you do not want to do,[After just one look]your thoughts are more of what you are doing instead. Functioning in life. Let me tell you at some point you will notice that the mere introduction to one look is its own sufficiency--You. Hope this helps.


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