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It works

Hello Everyone,

The looking brought with it a lot of heartache. But in the end I can attest that it works. Most of the misery is created by expectations. There are too many contradictory suggestions out there on what to do and too many outlandish promises. The looking does not create anything other than what is really needed.

Here's what I know from personal experience:


All events in my life are reported by my mind. In my mind, the source of my discomfort is the habitual movement of attention away from myself. Then, the solution to the discomfort is to move attention back to myself. It becomes clear that my attention has always only moved away due to habit. The looking helps break the habit by teaching conscious control of my attention, thus freeing it up. As the end result, the mind is at home with itself without needless movement away from itself, which means that I am too.

The mind is afraid being with itself due to unexamined conditioning (what you call 'fear of life'). So it prefers the reflex of moving attention away from itself. Of course, in the beginning it is very uncomfortable when the mind has to oppose habit and face its biggest fear. Over time, the repeated looking removes the fear because the mind is unable to remain afraid of its own self. And my mind is my life.

Ultimately attention must be moved back consciously no matter why I think I should do it. It is also evident now that the movement of attention can be communicated without reference to any special thoughts or theories, because it is an organic physical sensation like the movement of one's limbs. Other practices emphasize the thoughts that accompany the act of trying to free oneself from discomfort, while missing the main point. This easily communicable suggestion to move attention back separates the looking from all else, and it works. It gave me not what I thought I wanted, but what I actually needed.


Good luck. Please don't give up. Helps to become self reliant and use your personal judgement at every step. Much less misery when it is understood that the objective is to move attention.


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