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Is the looking enough?

Is it even necessary to use the mindfulness exercises in order too kill the fear and live in freedom?

I could of written a lot here but I'd prefer to keep it short as I have a feeling I already know what the answer is.

Since I began the looking one and a half years ago, I have never bothered trying to focus attention on the breath or neutral sensation to stop being involved in redundant, negative thought patterns. I believe I have heard John say that he was the same? (I don't suffer with my thoughts as much as I do with the feeling that something is wrong, which is just a feeling regardless of any thought)

So all I want to ask is; Is looking at myself when i feel like it or remember to do so enough to cure this misery?

I am assuming once someone has become reasonably free of the fear, they don't need to worry about the mindfulness all the time (if not, I am suprised as it would still seem like avoiding stuff). Am I right? Appreciate some responses.

All the best


Re: Is the looking enough?

in my experience, what matters is if you consciously move attention. that means that you feel the physical sensation of moving attention and that you know it as you feel it what it feels like to move attention inside your mind.

what does not matter is what name you give this action. mindfulness, meditation, mindlessness,looking, not looking etc. are all welcome names if the movement of attention is actually accomplished.

also, my personal opinion is that if one thinks the objective is to kill fear, then it causes difficulty. that might be the motivation. but the objective is to move attention and to know that one has moved it.

the reason is that if I think that I want to kill fear to get freedom, my mind creates thoughts that imagine this fear and the killing of it, and subsequent freedom. these are only images and cause movement away from myself (irrelevant distraction). so its kind of self defeating. but if i acknowledge that is the motivation, but see that what is within my control is to move attention, it reduces the heartache associated.just a simple recalibration of expectations helps.

Is the looking enough? Where did this thought come from?

Hi George!

In my view the looking is enough. I haven't used any mental exercise at all, during my recovery process. The new learning of what role my attention plays in my life, has come as a result of having looked at myself. But that has taken time. And I am still planing too start to focus attention as a exercise too strengthen my attention. But I am not sure if I ever will. And I think that is a combination of old habits and a feeling that it is OK anyway. Old stuff is falling away no matter what I do.

But in general I think focusing attention is a very good help on the way. It is very clear too me that my own suffering and confusion is decreasing as my attention gets stronger. Attention and suffering seems too have a strong connection. So for those who feel like it and can manege to get it done, I really think it is good idea to try it.


What is necessary has already occurred in the question. The thought indicates that you have already looked at you. As you are you all that is needed is to hear the suggestion to look at you. Which is what you are doing all the time anyway--now without fear. Thoughts may choose to embrace or not. You may just be yourself while doing anything.


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