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Hi John,

Thanks for your words. Basically you are saying exactly what I have arrived at over a course of five years or so. It's good to hear it coming from someone else.

There is use of the word "I" in this email. Take it for what it is--ego, or whatever version of "I" can be fathomed. Five years ago I first saw the fictional nature of ego. (Don't ask me who the "I" is that saw that!) That was the beginning of much bliss followed by incredible bouts of suffering and depression. But at some point about a year ago, I noticed the simplicity of presence. Even then, I kept getting side-tracked, but the gig is largely up, now. Even while I believe the voice in the head--ego--I know it's phoney. But thanks to you reinforcing what I already discovered for myself, I can focus on what's real.

As you say, it's easy--the thing that has always been there throughout "your" life. It's always here. It's completely mysterious, silent, non-judgmental... all those words that one can get caught up in. All the mumbo-jumbo of "spirituality". Even one's experience of it is contained in it.

I only have one qualm with your teachings--"I". I don't find any "I" in that presence. (Once again, don't ask me who the "I" is that doesn't find any "I"!) But my lack of finding "I" doesn't discount the presence. I am willing to question that idea that I don't find myself in it. And all of these ideas are pretty superfluous in the face of it... whatever it is.

It is calling me now, pulling me in.




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