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Using the Just One Look Method

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Yes or No question, quick and easy for you

Yesterday, I tapped the table and said THIS IS ME, tapped my thighs and said THIS IS ME. Tapped the floor with my feet and said THIS IS ME.

Is this the way it goes?

I'll take a yes or a no to alleviate your email load.



If you do as you report, it may result in some certainty that you are the body, and that won't really hurt you no matter what others may say, but neither will it do any lasting good. However certain you may be that you are the body, or the mind, or consciousness, or any other thing, there is nothing that approaches the certainty within you that you ARE. Period. See that this is the case, and experience directly that certainty, and you will find your way home.

But all I ever ask anyone to do is to bring the beam of your attention inward, looking for the direct experience of what it actually feels like to be YOU, underneath all else. No body parts need to be involved in this.

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