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I can't listen to you anymore

Hi John

I hope my subject line caught your attention, although I realize you can't answer emails personally very often. To cut right to the chase, I have been looking at myself for several years now, albeit using other words to describe it before I came upon your site. BTW, I love the simple way you express the inexpressible! But here's my conundrum.

For many, many months now I've found that if I listen to you, or that if I even read your books or books by other authors who also are not speaking from a point of view, I find that I have a very difficult time sleeping.

In addition, if I listen on the way to work, for example, I seem to be a little "foggy" (for lack of a better word) during the day. I've actually experimented with this many times by going a few days, or a couple of weeks, without putting in the extra "effort" of exposing myself to "teachings" to see if when I return to listening, or reading, I have the same experience. I do.

If I listen several days in a row I feel pretty discombobulated, and it's really not very pleasant. I just have to give it a rest for a while

This is a substantial change for me since for years I would listen to teachings, most before I found you, both to and from work every day. I also devoured far too many books of the non-dual variety! smily

So here I sit. Still looking (it's now impossible not to look) and for some reason still wanting to hear talks about looking, but really paying a price when I do so. Just thought I would share. Of course, if you choose to answer on a podcast, I might never find out! smily

Thanks for the beautiful site.

PS. Just being involved enough to type this email will probably make tonight a restless one...


Heya Keith,

When you say you 'have trouble sleeping', what happens?


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