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About two months ago, a friend introduced me to your work

Dear John,

Thanks to both you and Carla.

About two months ago, a friend introduced me to your work. I immediately read "Look At Yourself" and we dialogued daily for a few weeks. It has changed the way I view my life and I'm sincerely grateful. It also confirmed that I had been slowly looking inward without even knowing it all these years! The main difference now is that I have let go of most attachment to the spiritual/new age concepts that I defined life by for the past 12 years.

I have written my question in three parts. They are somewhat related and the answer could be the same for all. I have a feeling you may say "it's all beside the point", but I would really appreciate clarification. I'm new to your work and somewhat stuck on the idea of creation. Forgive me for going into spiritual context, but old habits linger!

1) John, when you say "there is no choice in reality", what do you mean? If the only real choice is looking inward or not, then in the looking are we affecting creation or the turning of events in our lives? For example, whether mankind makes it or doesn't make it. Can we change that movie by individuals looking inward?

2) Secondly, what do you mean by "you have nothing to say about it" or "we have no say in the unfoldment of life"? Does this mean we have no say in what shows up in our life or what life events are presented to us? I used to believe that we have a choice and create our life events but now I'm not sure. For example, I'm currently single and have a strong desire to meet my husband/life partner. Do I have a say or choice in this matter? I'm questioning this desire, as it could be coming from the premise that I "feel at stake in this life."

3) The third part of the question relates to me becoming disinterested with what I used to call "my life". I no longer have a desire to do things in the world (even work), fix my affairs or others for that matter. I rarely socialize and have no interest in talking about things such as politics, charity, career, business, etc. -- at least in the old frame of mind! I feel like there is so much space now that I feel useless and that I don't have much of a life; socially or work. Maybe that is why I have a strong desire to meet my life partner. Do you still have passions, desires, wishes that occupy your thoughts? Does this stage pass where I feel useless and disinterested in life/people. I guess I'm at that point of deciding whether to go back out into the world or remain isolated.

Hopefully I did not overwhelm you. These are the three thoughts that kept reoccurring as I read and listened to your podcasts. I look forward to your reply.

Thanks again for everything you do!


I read this post and talked about it at the Worldwide Online Meeting on Saturday, February 12, 2011. You can listen to the entire meeting in our podcast. Please let me know if more is needed.

In love,



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