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experience of the Other

I have noticed several changes in perception since starting this work. Actually too numerous to post but one remarkable one is that I don't somehow see people as "other" than me. I think John talked about his experience of other people in one of the retreat videos. I used to be hypervigilant, on the watch as it were about others. You could call it mild paranoia I suppose.But today especially I barely gave it any thought at all. The whole "vigilance" thing was just gone. There was no difference I guess between me and others... hard to express.

Very striking experience as I tended to be a shy person and being around others made me nervous.

I am grateful to John for all he is doing. And will continue the work.

Blessings John,


Several months ago it was suggested that by John via an email exchange from _RG-WebDevelopment I check out the Community Center at RiverGanga.org. I did so and signed up. Today, finally, I became familiar enough with the wonderful operation to understand that this forum is the opportunity for those of us who are doing the looking to communicate if so desired. Thank you, Anthony (raindog49) for being the trendsetter and starting the ball rolling! I too have a deep sense of gratitude to John and Carla for the perceptions they share with us. For me, it has been a process of coming home. I look forward to the time that I am better able to contribute!

Hi Antony,

I just want to say that this sounds great and It's very heartening to hear how direct self inquiry is bringing you into your wholeness.

I just signed up on this board last night.

I hope that the opportunity arises for more conversation!



This is so cool! This is so exciting!

"I don't somehow see people as "other" than me"

I feel that I am not separate from 'others' It is like the meness that is me, has total access to the 'other' insofar as I have total access to the 'other's' personality (i.e. their meness).

Does this make sense to anyone?


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