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I just listened to the e-mailed transcript

I just listened to the e-mailed transcript and audio called "Is the looking spiritual?". I felt nudged to write what happened for me after corresponding, listening to your world-wide online meetings etc.

My last correspondence was about 1-1/2 years ago when the biggest test of fear/anxiety to life happened being subjected to very extremely delicate heart procedure that at age 80 carries high risk of stroke or fatality. I took the chance. I think I wrote to you after the event I could NOT understand that moment by moment all "flowed" and the mind never even commented that anxiety was NOT there (only after I was home and recovering did I recognize that at no time did I experience even the normal concern for such an event.

The funny thing about easing out into the meadow of normal living after 80 years of living life on guard does one realize OMG this is amazing.... You are absolutely right life is wild and unpredictable and we forever try to understand or "fix it". I was not "desperate" when I found your work, but 35 years was winding down for no reason at all to find your message.

I thunderously agree this is NOT a spiritual message (thank god) you are talking about. I have no idea if its human evolution or what and it matters not.... just wanted to write that there is not a lot to say except life becomes full, there is nothing to understand or "fix" its meeting life head-on, raw without fear. That is our birthright and destiny and I just wanted you to know that maybe when this happens to people who have fallen into your "sphere" of influence... we may just drop out because there are no more questions only wonder.... how this happens. The seeker dies and so does my need to talk about it.

But I felt I wanted to let you know as you know... your voice outside the crazy "spiritual arena of seekers" is spot on true... thank you.

P.S. Amazed at being alive at all, let alone without fear at last.



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