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What is the difference in your teaching and the "Neo Advaitan" teachings?

Hi John and Carla,

In the meeting of 5/21/10 in Ojai, you asked, What is the difference in your teaching and the Neo-Advaita and other such teachings? Well, there are absolutely no similarities, at least, to me!

Your teaching is getting us in touch with, looking at, like you say, "just you". Why this is so hard to get our heads around is, well, amazing. Many of us are just so far from being "natural" that we just don't get that it is possible. Our programs SEEM to have programs, which have programs, on and on, layers of beliefs, memories, etc.

What you are teaching is what I have wondered about for years. I used to say (to myself) there has to be a "merging" of some kind! This longing that I feel for something 'out there', to heal my unrest, has to be unnatural... So, the word 'merging' kept coming to mind. I wanted to merge, close the dualistic "feeling" in my life. Wanting, wanting.

You are telling us that there is nothing separate to get. When we pull away from just being "me" (just you), there is an unrest... a feeling of being lost... of "wandering in the wilderness". Many have lost the intimacy with themselves and seem to live in a clamoring world of programmed "shoulds".

The Advaita teachers, like most spiritual teachers (if not all of them), suggest that we must BECOME ONE! What an awful thing these teachings do to us... become, become, something "other worldly"! In your words, there is no becoming because we are already there. Where could we go?!

I will add that many of us are so encumbered with all of these add-ons that these teachers profess that we must be or do. It leaves us paralyzed. We are lost in this verbiage and what is most natural, the source of all that is (which is me!), is never mentioned, not even thought of! I mean, who knew?!! smily

I know, ultimately, we are untouched, none of it matters, but you asked for some responses to this. So, here's mine! smily I know it's a little late, but I've just listened to the CD. It was great! Thank you. Forever thank you!!

Love from all that is! Me!



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