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I believe that I can lose myself...

Hello John,

I believe that I can lose myself, I really believe it. I had a taste of myself but it disappears quickly, I want it to come back. It became quite difficult to not panic. What can I do?

Help me please.

Thank you.



Forgive me for taking so long to respond. Most likely this crisis has passed for you, and you can see the absurdity of the idea that you can lose you.

Do not concern yourself with the fact that the taste yourself is fleeting; and gone before you even have a clear sense that it has happened. You are not the natural object of focused conscious attention. That is intended to watch for moving, noisy, bright, shiny objects that might pose a threat or offer a promise to you, and are therefore important enough to pay attention to. You are simple, plain, unmoving, unchanging,you-ness, and nothing more. You , on the other hand, are of no interest to the beam of attention.

The extremely fleeting nature of the direct experience of you is more than enough. Stay with that, and all will be well. You cannot disappear.

Please keep in touch.



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