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New Report...and a question

Hi John and Carla,

I'm reporting in after a very busy time. My Mother turned 70 in January. Last year, in a moment of grandiosity(lol), I told her that when she turned 70, Chad and I would take her on a cruise in Europe! The trip actually happened last week. It was a beautiful experience and I feel very blessed to have had the time to spend with my Mom and with Chad.

You both might as well have been with me on the trip because I used all of the free time to move deeper and deeper into the Looking. I know I have mentioned this before, but I continue to get so much out of the book (Look At Yourself). I spent lots of time with it on the trip. Every time I read it, I gain a new insight and a deepening in the practice. I also revisited several podcasts and had the same deepening experience. I cannot thank you both enough for how generous you are with the resources of your work.

It was surreal sitting in the Sistine Chapel watching the ceiling taking in the image of man's hand touching God's. It reminded me of the work that we are doing. The brief touching of our focused attention with that which never changes. My heart was breaking with gratitude that I am a part of this conversation.

I have been sitting with a burning question. It is about career/destiny. I have made three well thought out attempts over the years to change careers...each time to wind right back in the same work. And this is my third time reporting to the same boss! Do we have choice in this or not? My well-meaning "spiritual" friends say that it is my destiny and that I haven't worked through everything with my boss. I know you are not a big fan of these types of questions. And I am totally prepared for you to tell me to continue the Looking and everything will come out right in the endsmily Maybe I have just asked and answered the question.

Thank you both so very much!

I will be in touch soon




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