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Subtle Changes

So, last week, I was sitting in the office of someone who, traditionally has been a pretty antagonistic part of my professional life. We were discussing some budgetary matters and staffing. He said something that a year ago would have sparked a huge debate and drama. This time, however, it was as though it happened in slow motion. He launched the grenade and I watched it go by. I was braced for a reaction...which never happened. He said what he said. I heard it. We both paused a moment for my reaction and then nothing! I continued with my next point and, for the first time in a while, we had a true, effective meeting.

Friday evening, I attended my seven year old niece's dance recital. There was a time that this would have been terrible for me to sit through. I found myself loving it. It could have lasted for hours and I wouldn't have minded.

For the past several months, I have moved deeper and more seriously into the looking. I am finding that I love this life. I have lost interest in other teachings. I gave them their time and they simply did not work. This does.

Thank you John and Carla for pointing the way toward sanity. It is a beautiful thing.

I hope to speak with you Wednesday or Saturday if I can sneak away from the restaurant long enough!



Dear Brian

Thank you very much for your posts in this forum. You express what's going on in a very beautiful way and very close to how life develops for me.

All the best to you

Thomas Kueng


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