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Open Awareness

John, I heard both you and Carla mention about open awareness. I'm curious, could you talk more about it?

Not sure what I might have meant by that in context, but it certainly wasn't of any grand importance. Seems to me that open awareness is the natural human state, but the fear has caused us to retreat from the direct experience of life that open awareness makes possible.

This is where Carla mentioned it... I couldn't find where you mentioned it. It may have been in a podcast. Just curious. I suppose it means the natural state of awareness without fear, as you suggest. Thanks. "Thank you, Dragos! We used to call this exercise Mindfulness Training, but we've seen that this can be confusing to those who are familiar with meditation practices. For this reason, we have changed the name of the exercise to "Focused Attention", which better describes its purpose and nature. This is not an exercise to develop open awareness. There are many such exercises available, and the skillful development of open awareness can be profoundly useful. But for now, our main purpose is to cultivate the skills most useful in promoting self-reliance in the difficult period following the collapse of the context of fear that has shaped every aspect and psychological mechanism of our minds."

I kinda like that use of words... John has a beautiful way with words... tickles me pink he does! "Open awareness", sounds like it's free... unlimited, not filtered by any predispositions. Ready for anything that may occur... ready to take whatever, without fear, without closing... accepting, surrendering spring to mind.


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