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Using the Just One Look Method

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Find your attention first

I find this helpful, and i am sure it would have helped me to know this in the early days of the looking.

First, before anything is attempted, FIND your attention. See where it is now. A thing that might help: better if you can see what part of your body it's currently exploring coz that usually brings you down from the airiness of your mind to the earthiness of your body.

Then MOVE attention to the feeling of 'ME'. The cool thing is that if you are finding this step too abstract just play for some days with moving your attention to different body sensations. Then try 'again' (I am sure you found success without your knowing anyway).

Another thing that helps is to set time aside for the act and not worry about it the rest of the time. Then it will also happen spontaneously.

I believe finding your attention reduces the mystery a bit. Also, first finding it reduces the anxiety or the energetic 'recoil' one may feel when moving attention away from a really strong thought process.

Hope this helps. Would love to hear feedback.


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