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Easier way to find me?

Hi all,

After spending considerable time over the last few weeks to understand and find what it is that John refers to as the real 'me' I think I have identified it. I think quite simply it is 'that' which moves the attention. 'That' which has the power to catch the minds ramblings and often inappropriate commenting on just about everything. After all, this for me is unchanging and is not subject to 'state' and when I focus on it, it is something I can 'feel' as being exactly the same as when I was younger. I believe I have been consciously 'feeling' this 'real me' for a number of years on and off but didn't realise the significance of it. For me it is very helpful to have recognised it as 'that' which moves the attention. The 'attention mover' if you like.


Very interesting approach. seemed immediately helpful to me. my question would be whether ascribing the quality of 'mover of attention' actually takes away from the simplicity of just saying 'me'. What do you think?

Thanks, yes I see your point but throughout the forums it seems many people do not fully understand what it is that they are trying to 'see'. It is simple but not easy. It just occurred to me that the thing responsible for moving the attention is what I perceived to be 'me'. How much easier can it be. smily

This is what Ive been thinking of too. Thank you for sharing.

Before during and after Looking for me--you continue. Hear John's good news, the instant efficaciousness of the act. exists in any who are reading this now. All your conversations here are disease free. It doesn't really matter your continued groping--you are already free.


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