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Using the Just One Look Method

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Funny thought

So the looking is really an interesting practice.

It doesn't take much to do, can't tell if it has been done, results are unpredictable and completely based on the individual, absolutely 100% guaranteed frustration (or much worse) during reformulation of one's relationship with things, will definitely not give one what is desired but only what is needed (if it gives or does anything at all).

But hey, but it works exactly using the inherent intelligence of one's life and is like medicine and is more of a 'go on with your life while it takes effect over a few years' kind of idea.

how does one 'sell' a system, how does one pass it on when it is the opposite of every salable idea.

Too funny...

I agree. Too funny. It is just like you say, "it works exactly using the inherent intelligence of one's life". I know the looking works and I really want to pass it on but it seems there needs to be a certain readiness to hear the suggestion to look. I remember a quote I read "this is who I am, this is who you are and this is the way it is". Everyone in their own world. I am so amazed and thankful that John and Carla continue to put this message out there. There are so many, many preconceived ideas floating around still John finds a way to go directly to the point with total integrity and intelligent conversation.

It does take time for the recovery and I'm still in it after 7 years, however my sense of self reliance is astonishing to me at times. I naturally put myself out there so much more since the fear of failure, rejection, being wrong has really dissipated. I hope as more of us are walking around without this fear, it will have its effect and over time I will see more and more ways to share the looking.


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