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This Morning

I been going through a rough patch since May of this year, I read a bunch of books, I do meditation, went to therapy(only a couple sessions). I started the looking a couple months back and I do the focused attention daily (when bad stuff happens). Last night I started drinking and went to sleep, but woke up at around 5:00 am feeling really bad, depressed and hung over. I didn't get back to sleep and became overwhelmed with depression, and just wanted to go crawl in a hole and never come back.

I got myself together and got to work, I did some focused attention to get my head straight and started helping my colleague with some servers.

Some days are bad and some days are good, I just had a bad day today and wanted to share my thoughts

Oh, I decided not to drink like this anymore.

Been there, done that. I can identify. Though I still enjoy a nice aperitiff once a week or so.

Its one of lifes small comforts that the system we live in has yet to figure out how to take away from me. I no longer go on binges, dont know why. I just dont anymore. Alcohol isnt really the problem. And I think enjoying a glass or goblet of fine red wine or an aged cognac is a beautiful thing. Best wishes on your progress.


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