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It's Gone

Hi John and Carla, I just wanted to write to tell you that what I've affectionately named the "Immaculate Inception" seems to be missing. I suspect that it has been gone now for quite a while. I can tell it's gone because I seem to be bursting into spontaneous moments of safety on a regular basis, without the intense (not to mention expensive) effort that I used to have to expend to do so. Also, it seems my insides are more often filled with a sense of unintended innocence lately. This in contrast to the out of focus haze of delusion and guilt that infected my inner workings for my entire life, which I can now see was always "The Case" as you so often say. Just as I was one night walking my dog while looking up in awe at the stars, I heard myself say "this is so safe", an intuition came out of my mouth the other day that said "it's gone." Whether these words are true or not matters little. Fact is my perception is changing. Life is so close and continually fresh, even in the midst of an intense 5 week college Algebra class that I'm knee deep in at the moment. I'd say thanks you but I think this report speaks for itself.

On a different note, I have initiated a meeting with some friends under the guise of "Taco's and your actual Nature--a meeting while eating" where I am going to attempt to suggest this simple act with as little clutter as possible. You once said "by hook or by crook." I think that the lure of free tacos fits into that idea...smily

More will be revealed!



This is great good news, Mike. There are some big changes in the wind, that might be helpful to you and the Tacos; stay in touch.



I'd go to Flagstaff for free tacos and "Taco's and your actual Nature - a meeting while eating." Who wouldn't? smily


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