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Glad I found you

I regularly listen to my friend Rick Archer's Buddha at the Gas Pump, and enjoyed your interview last week. This brought me back to an experience I had when I met Gangaji in 1997. I did look back to my self, and it really shifted a lot of things. However, I made it into a spiritual experience, kept looking for it, went through a lot of advaita with various satsangers who came through town, wondered why I never reached a permanent state of enlightenment. Subsequently moved away from advaita, explored other areas, which have been very helpful in terms of dealing with my life on a day to day basis, improving my energy level, and connecting me more with the Divine Current, or that 's what it seems to be that's happening. Your interview reminded me of the looking back that I did, now it's much easier than it was then, and without all the other spiritual baggage. I do it frequently, when I get a chance, and can already tell a difference in relation to my life. I see that some energy work I have done (Matrix energetics) was being done to try to control my life, and I see that there was some ego involvement in that. That seems to have shifted, and I am less concerned re: outcomes of whatever I do, and I see that some things I was doing were more about personal power. Not that I won't continue to do any type of energy work, but it seems to be without any attachment to outcome. Anyway, I've only been doing this about a week, and like that I can do it without making any big deal about it. I look forward to whatever is developing with this. Thank you so much.



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