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Twists and Turns

Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago, I had made up my mind that I would fly to Ojai and attend the Afternoon on the 17th. I was thrilled. It is high time that I met some of you. It is also high time that I see in person this man that I spend so many hours listening to and this wonderful woman that works so hard to keep all this going. I had my plan. I would make the trip by myself....meaning no Chad. I would fly into LA, rent a car, take the leisurely drive to Ojai and spend the weekend with this community that I am so intrigued by and maybe, just maybe, get to sit in the directors chair and tell John, Carla and all of you how much you are beginning to mean to me.

Well, Chad, my partner, began this crazy intense eight week Yoga Teacher Training program. He leaves the house at 6am everyday and doesn't return until 9pm. It is super rigorous and it became clear after the first day or two that my job is to hold the house together, do the cooking, take care of the dogs, all the while dealing with my own crazy job and spending time with this work. It also became clear that it wouldn't be fair for me to leave everything right now for my "dream trip". So,

we have decided to come the the Afternoon in October together. And it is probably for the best that we experience Ojai for the first time together.

I will miss seeing you this weekend and I hope it is a great time for everyone. See you in October with the newly graduated yoga master by my side;)

Love and Gratitude,


Sounds like a very *sane* decision smily I hope to thank John and Carla in person too sometime, whenever circumstances work out to make that possible. Enjoy your trip to Ojai in the fall!



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