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Using the Just One Look Method

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Why does it work?

This inward looking, why does it work?

I may as well ask "Why does the sun shine?"

Trying to work out the mechanics or physics of something has it's place but, when I'm out in the light of a glorious summer day, I just want to enjoy the view/the feeling. Especially here in the Northern part of the U.K. It's either raining or else the sky is filled with gray clouds.

Is inward looking just another subtle form of escapism, an attempt to retreat from being with life as it is? Well, this may have been why I started the Looking, but now I can honestly say that my outlook on life has turned right round. From this perspective, Life is simply happening. Since there has been this Looking, there are more and more moments of feeling curious about life. At other times there is the sudden joy of just being here, or, as though something wonderful were about to happen.

If there should appear the inclination to ask why, well, that's o.k., but these days I just enjoy being in the light of inward looking. Don't we all?




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