the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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A really good year

I want to say thank you to everyone here at the forum that have been a part of all the conversations during 2014.

I think this has been a really good year. It seems like we have deepened our understanding in how to talk about the act itself, the recovery process and what role our attention plays in our lives. The threads in the forum just seems to be clearer and more helpful for everyday that goes. I also really appreciate the honesty that shows in every posting. It is very refreshing and helpful. For my own part I wish that I had responded to more postings than I have during the year. I have seen so many postings that I have wanted to respond to. But I can't really seem to get it done. I think there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, I am not really the "internet forum type of guy". I am not used to it and if it wasn't for my strong interest and support for this work here, I would probably not even try to get used to it. And another reason is that it can be quite a struggle sometimes to write in English. Of course it is also a really good and interesting exercise, but sometimes I don't seem to find what it takes to respond to a posting quick enough, before the impulse goes away. So for some time now my blog has been the place for me to try to give something in to the work that is being done here. I try, from time to time, to sum up what I see to be important and useful and than share it. And as many certainly have seen, I am not really much of a blogger. It is strange, even though this work here is a really big part of my life, I always don't have so much to say. Of course I really want to be helpful to people who are new to the work. But I seem to get more and more uninterested in discussing details regarding this whole process. Somehow I feel that everything that must be said has already been said. I mostly think of how to get this work financially sustainable and how to spread it outside this forum.

And I have a feeling that 2015 will be of great importance for the future development of this work. I have learned a lot this year about non profit organizations and donations. That is something that goes on all around the world. Organizations that perform some sort of social engagement and get supported from their members to be able to do it. That is nothing new and strange. And I think it is time to really let go of the idea that this work is something that is operating outside of our everyday life. We have a unique chance here to really build and support something that really is working and that is inclusive for everyone. I think it is very useful to see this work as a social human attempt to do something good for all of us. It is not a closed internet spiritual discussion forum. I know that many of you already see this. But because so few support this work, despite its obvious usefulness, I have concluded that it must have something to do with the way we view this work. So please, if you haven't already, try to see this non profit organization as any other of its kind. We are using it and it seems natural to support it.

I happy 2015 to all of you.


Hi Niklas,

Although English is your second language, you express yourself eloquently. All I can say is, "Yes!"

Yes I feel the same Niklas.Thank you too for opening this conversation about how our contribution to the foundation financially and in the forums is so important to continue to support us all and a great opportunity to share something that could really help humanity.

I'd like to hear more from everyone about how they view this work and how each of us feel they can support it realistically given

I saw clearly my own unique personality recovery process and I too have felt I don't have much to say .The recovery underway I tended to withdraw for many years and watch things play out and slowly but surely live my life without a lot of the fears that dominated my consciousness.I feel that was ok but also I lost a connection to others going through the process and to John and Carla who continued their efforts to share with everyone and struggled so much financially.

Now I feel this burden of apathy lifting ( another hangover from the fear)I'm trying to give myself a kick in the butt and see what I can contribute because honestly this work is wonderful and works to end the fear.

Thanks Lerajane and Maureen!


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