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Question about practice of attention

Hi everyone!

To the this move of attention to the feeling of me I have come upon 5-6 years ago. I was involved in a thing where you had to link thing that you want with feeling of you, and I remember how I had hard time to do that because it was unclear to me where is that feeling. With all that was also practice of focus attention just one like John is recommending here. And now... i don't know how long had all that lasted, but from that time on big changes started taking place. I get interested in the question Who am I, so I have looked everything I could find related with that subject on internet - Mooji, Ramana, Papaji, Sri Nisargadatta, A. Watts, E. Tolle, J. and U.G. Krishnamurti... Everything i could find I looked and tried to understand. That all dropped 1 year ago and I have no more big interest anymore in understanding, but rather in this thing with focused attention.

In all that years I have trained my attention simply to be here. When I say here I can't really define where it is exactly, only here makes sense to me. When I come upon John and his suggestion to train attention to the breathe, i have founded myself in dilemma because I have big respect for him and things that he is saying. I tried to to so, but its not working for me. Holding the attention here feels natural to me and I can do whenever it occur to me through the day. I don't need to have a special time to sit and practice and its not affecting my effectiveness with whatever I'm doing i a moment. Attending to my breathe on other hand feels only like a distraction and unnatural movement for me.

I would like to here your opinion about this practice of attention, especially from John.

Best regards



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