the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Using the Just One Look Method

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If you've gained anything from this work

Please give some money to support it. Even a little bit of money will help John and Carla continue. I don't think there's any monetary value that can be placed on the benefits I continue to receive from the act of the looking, and I feel I don't give enough. I try to give what I can when I can.

I would encourage everybody to do the same because I am convinced that John and Carla will put it to good use. I can actually think of no better use for my money right now.

well, I haven't gained anything from this work so far and I'm dissapointed that there isn't even a quick easy way to talk to people about this stuff. like an open forum for instance where posts could be seen in an instant. if this 'work' wants to expand over the planet then surely making it more accessible for discussion would be a great start.

George, I would also welcome a more open spirit. At the time when registration became mandatory, it was promised that users with self-moderated status can post instantaneously. However, this was not realised, apparently due to technical issues.

Thank you, Cytex. Let me give you all a better sense of the situation with self-moderation here in the forum.

My initial intent was to automatically promote any registered user who has been registered for at least 30 days, and has made 5 approved posts to a usergroup that would allow self-moderation (posts would be automatically approved when made).

You are right that technical problems have made that impossible for now and, to tell the truth, we are not sure why. The promotion to the self-moderated usergroup is working, and this why you and all the others who have met the criteria display the "Self Moderated" tag. But it so far has no effect on the moderated state of your posts. vBulletin, the software we use for the forum, is an extremely complex system with its share of bugs and not enough documentation in plain English. Carla and I have very little time available to develop our understanding of its complexity, so we do what we can.

What's really needed here is someone who has the time, the interest, and the aptitude to help us with the management of the forums. Judging by our inability so far to find volunteer help for the many administrative tasks that eat up most of our time, we have little hope of finding competent volunteer help with the forums in the short term.

But, rest assured that we will find a way to implement self-moderation as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

John and Carla

I live on a part-time cleaner's salary and an occasional sale of a painting but I donate a little on a monthly basis. That's because I believe it is John's message that has taken the edge off my depression. I think that alone warrants support. I was at my wits' end. If things improve further, all the better. I have quite a bit of confidence on this work these days, although I sure am a long way from being "in love with life" and I still have doubts, but if there's even a possibility that this is it, the cure, it's worth it. I believe it would be a great loss for the world if this message was lost and John and Carla were not able to work on it and make it available anymore.

I agree that the trouble with giving money is because very convincing effects are slow to show, or at least they are tricky to spot, since there's isn't any immediate bliss coming forth. And many have been swindled during their long search for relief and are skeptical.

What comes to a discussion forum, anyone can make one at Facebook on any topic. I'm sure there are certain risks there regarding this work, though, and much of what would be gained there would then not be available here for anybody interested. I agree that certain relaxedness (is that a word?) would be beneficial. Even chatting off topic with people. Just to get to know each other. Perhaps making friends. This work and what we go through is common to us and very rare.

I don't know if there's many "lookers" in my country, but it would be interesting to get in touch with them at some point, perhaps, and share experiences.


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