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Using the Just One Look Method

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Not yet done. STUCK!

Hi All,

I have scoured John's messages. Forget how many times? I am not done yet, I am stuck at a continual search for more words and not looking inside and letting it happen as it flows.

Now I am compelled to re-read again John S, Jed McKenna, Eckhart, Byron K, Anthony Demello, Alan Watts... Is it the ego that keep me re-reading? I am aware it could be time to stop delaying and just look!

So I am meditating on what JS says we all have. Look inside...

Not Done,



I would not worry so much about what you are doing in addition to the looking. It's the looking that does the trick.

Just take a split second, now and again and look at you. John is right, the rest will take care of itself. Just keep looking.

I had a good time making a habit out of it by picking certain things I was going to do throughout the day and use those as reminders to look.

Sip coffee... look

Open door... look

Get in elevator... look

Crack a joke... look

Sit on the toilet... look

Just look.


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