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Sometimes I think I need to have my head examined

Hi John,

Sometimes I think I need to have my head examined. I just listened to the July 4th intensive (first evening) in which you specifically addressed the "personhood" issue directly. In fact, we even discussed it with each other that evening.

Well, either I have a short-term memory deficit, or, more likely, I enjoy the "treadmill" of seeking. In any event, I realize I've been asking the same questions again and again, and your response really covers in detail all this "neo-this" versus "neo-that" gibberish so prevalent today.

I'm making a very sincere effort to do the "looking", and I'll keep you informed. By the way, as I'm typing this, I also realize that, at some level, I'd like a "written guarantee", which is the story of my life (and many others'). So, I'm ready to take the medicine, with or without a "teaspoon of sugar" (I'm dating myself, but why not--I'm dated!).

Love and Peace,


You can listen to the July 4, 2011 meeting Don is referring in our podcast.


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