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Falling in love with life...

Hi John (and everyone else who is reading)

I just listened to the recording of the Online Intensive Meeting 5, July 8 that you recently posted.

It was such a clear summary that you made at the beginning of the meeting and the conversations that followed were enjoyable as usual. I fully agree with the person who emphasized how clear your explanations of the looking are and I should add that they always seemed clear to me. I first heard your suggestion in the last few years although I can't pinpoint exactly when I first made a concerted effort to look. I remember that all the troubles and muddling about that ensued were quite obviously things that will sort themselves out on their own. This is not to say that there haven't been some dramatic experiences along the way... but the stickiness isn't there. They just come and go. What a lovely situation. It seems that the time once spent neurotically worrying so often passes with nothing much at all other than noticing life. The rushes of activity that sometimes come up in my life are more often intense now without the worrisome nature. Kind of like the excitement of a roller-coaster ride with the underlying knowledge that the car is connected to tracks and I am attached to the car. But not a faith that the ride will be safe... even simpler than that. Kinda like... ha ha... it gets so funny entering into the poetic world of metaphor to explain something so simple and obvious.

Anyway John, while your 12 years of trying and refining just seem to add to the simplicity of your suggestion, I suspect that someone jumping in on your conversation at any point along the way could see what you are suggesting. It's a single conversation with a single point. What a lucky thing that you stumbled across this "looking".

I'll also add a thank you here to all the others reading this who have asked John questions over the years and talked about the situations they encounter in the looking. How helpful and enjoyable to hear of the successes and the trying. Some of the subtleties of the looking experience sound so familiar. I haven't been at the online meetings lately due to hardware obsolescence and software incompatibility, but rest assured...I am here ;)

You are an amazing community of fellow human beings and it's a thrill to meet you all in this way. Also thanks to Carla for continuously adding more recordings.

So, while thoughts of disappearing to the hills sometimes flash in my head, I find that I'm stuck with hanging out in the thick of our suffering, and rattling on about this curious act you call "the looking" much to the apparent fascination or dismay of the people in my life. And it's quite wonderful, and ordinary. The feeling of falling in love with my life feels like the most natural and familiar occurrence...and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Everything is fine, Best wishes to all


"The feeling of falling in love with my life feels like the most natural and familiar occurrence...and there's nothing I can do to stop it."

It is unbelievable! In more ways than one! Thanks for sharing your experience David. You rocked my world!... ummm wait... our world actually!...smily


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