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Even the looking takes care of itself

I really want to thank you, John, (and anyone else who pointed this out), when you stress that the looking takes care of itself, and that the recovery takes care of itself. That's a very useful pointer for people, as it is really helping me relax "into" the recovery--and now I'm seeing, with blessed relief, how life really takes care of itself in every way. I don't need to worry about the looking, the recovery, or even the relaxing--it does itself when it's ready. Sometimes I see that I truly need do nothing--whatever needs doing just does itself! I find myself just stepping back, and letting it all happen on its own. And I guess the "stepping back" is doing itself too! It's really quite delightful, actually. I find myself talking to myself a lot about how it's all doing itself, but that's ok too. I like reminding myself that it's all taking care of itself. Anyway, thanks to you, John, Carla, and everyone here, for all you're doing to help the "human creature". This life is beginning to feel like home.

In gratitude to all,



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