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Note on looking

HI all, I've been looking pretty intensively now for the past 3 weeks or so. Something has happened on at least two occasions that I hope i can report somewhat accurately.

I think it has a lot to do with when I heard John say that 'all pain is felt in the mind, although sensations may be arising in the body'.

When a thought arises that I find unhelpful or painful I remind myself it's just arising in the mind, I then just leave the thought there in the mind, observe it, or if I feel it is right, I move the beam of my attention to something else. While doing this to my surprise something happened. I can only say there was a sense of the mind being there and being vast, yet something more vast seems to just merge with it resulting in a temporary sense of real peace. Ha! I know it was peace because I haven't felt it in so long! I find this hugely encouraging and just wanted to share it with others.

All the best Niallx.

When I started looking 6 months ago I was so eager to be able to have definite indications that I had finally found an answer to my never-ending quest. I was quick to latch on to brief glimpses of vastness and peace that sometimes were part of looking.

True to what John says, that all passed as transformation persisted. It's like you stop looking for change because undeniable change occurs or perhaps that's just part of the change. Hard to say. What's cool is that you already know something's happening. It gets so much better. The pre-looking self has no idea; there may be some intuition at times but it gets little air time in a fear based consciousness. I am so happy for you. Welcome to life.

Great to hear from you. Keep on going and keep paying attention when you can.


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