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I Have Nothing to Say About This

Hello JOL Family.

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would check in with some recent thoughts.

First of all, Ojai is gorgeous. Chad and I had a great time seeing Ojai, staying at the Ojai Retreat and most importantly, meeting Carla and John. It was a wonderful experience.

For several years now, I have heard John tell people: "You really don't have anything to say about this, about that, about the other thing". So, I had a little flash today, one that most of you have probably already had. "I have very little to say about most things that happen!"

After settling back in to Dallas, I called the guy that works for me at the hotel who was in charge while I was out. Of course, not being there for six days, all kinds of crap happened. We talked for several minutes and he had a nice big list of weird things to report.

At first, I was a little rattled. And then I realized that the rattledness was a muscle memory response. Then, a couple of minutes later, I realized that I really didn't care about any of the things that were mentioned. I also got it that I don't have anything to say about the things that happened. They are all fine, they all happened without me having to be there to deal with them and none of them has touched me. I checked!

This is a very good find for someone who is hyper-responsible. When I truly get that I am not at stake in all the things that happen, I have a better chance of dealing with them skillfully. Problems come and go. Jobs come and go. Hotels come and go. This weekend came and went and left a very big impression on me.

I really have nothing to say except "Thanks"

Love to you all,


Hi Brian,

Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for sharing some of your recent thoughts and experiences. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I enjoyed the "pudding" you shared. I live in Denver, a retired guy with a sweet wife named JoAnn. I've been following this approach for about 4 months and it's been and is a remarkable experience. Best wishes from Chris Foster.

Cool! Always nice to hear you speak Brian! smily Thank you


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