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No more spiritual aspirations

Hi John & Carla

I would like to say hello just because it's more fun joining in these days than watching from the sidelines.

John, I first saw you on BATGAP a couple of months back and I immediately had a go at 'looking at myself'. It was no big deal. So easy and why the heck not. I was only able to do the looking in snatches, I have two small boys and you get about 2 mins max before the next mini demand appears.

Over the ensuing few months I've noticed my interest in spiritual matters lessen, diminish and now it seems completely evaporate. To be replaced with a calm sense of being home. It's all no big deal, completely natural. In a recent discussion I commented that I now had zero interest in enlightenment. There is a strong desire to share the simplicity of this act with others. In the days when I hung out with christians we had a saying that someone could be 'too heavenly minded to be any earthly good'. I think this is where the spiritual community has found itself. We sing the songs of gorgeous loveliness but they are doing us no good. The message of enlightenment has divided us into the haves and have nots. The act of looking at ourselves is for everyone.

Thank you for the clarity of your message, John.

Best wishes & Love



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