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Dear John and Carla,

I am so grateful for this new way of simply 'looking'. It makes so much sense. I have been pursuing the spiritual path for many years now. In the last 6 months, it has become of utmost priority to me. Since I was very taken with Sri Ramana Maharshi's teaching, I investigated my thoughts, my ego. It has been very, very useful for me. Recently I found this teaching and just one look, somehow deeply profoundly removed this fear that I have had for ever it seems. One look. I feel lighter and clearer. I feel this is so simple. Why does everyone say its so hard to find yourself? When you are right here!

I just got back from the Ashram of Sri Ramana in Tiruvanamalai. It is a beautiful place and I love it there. I was however perplexed by all the additional stuff that was attached to his teaching after a while. The first teaching of who am I is so simple and straight. After that, it seems that it became very contextual and related to what people wanted to know, mostly theories.

I was a bit confused I must confess. Self-inquiry is about self-realization, does looking lead to the same? What does self-realization mean to you? Are we all expressing according to how life has designed us? Then self-realization is not for everyone.

Dear Nikhil,

It's good to hear from you. And it's good to hear how easy this simple act is for you. For many it seems hard because it is so unfamiliar an idea, and the act itself can seem unnatural, looking inward when everything of interest is outside. Are we not here mostly to look at the wonderful display of existence?

Truly, I do not know what is meant by self-realization, and I see no need to be concerned with it. The fear is the only problem, and the simple act of looking at the feeling of you, this that you call 'me,' brings an end to the fear and its effects. When the fear is gone all that's left is you--feeling, as you put it, "lighter and cleaner"--and the wonder of ever-moving, ever-changing existence. The fear has been removed. There is nothing for you to do now but to enjoy your life.



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