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Using the Just One Look Method

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Don't do the Looking

Nothing good has come of this.

Be forewarned. Doesn't help you get over violence, psychological violence, or what have you

only helps you when you're in peace, when you have walls around you, when you're protected.

Otherwise, you're on your own.

I'm not saying this to contradict John Sherman,

just saying that this isn't the answer to it all.

And I'll mention that other spiritual teachers and spiritual answers aren't real

except that you pay for them and you believe in them.

This setup won't give you the answers.

John Sherman is a nice man, but this thing doesn't work.

Maybe if you have money,

but in the real world , it doesn't work.

Believe me.

No pot to shit in, this method doesn't work.

The physical has domain entirely over your life.

iF there's a method that transcends the physical , this isn't it.

I wish it were, but it isn't it.


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