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My reaction to John's latest interview

I saw John's interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump, yesterday. As soon as John said something about "that which is unchanging and is the true "me", as being uninteresting or not attention grabbing, like the white paper that words are typed upon, I found that changelessness!"

I am just at the beginning of the magnification of the noticing of this, and just starting to feel emotional reactions to life events as not being directed at "me" as a target, because the changeless is resting quietly while what seems to be me, reacts! IOW I watch the archer shoot his or her arrows at me, and I watch the reaction from that "not-me", and I even feel the agitation of the "not-me" but the true me, the changeless, just observes and has no opinion!!!

This is awesome!!! smily

I mentally have no knowledge of if the "changelessness that is not the reactive self, was born with the body and will end with the body... will that sense or knowledge eventually be seen or known??

I have spent 40 years studying nonduality or Advaita, IOW, all is one. So John's pointing is a brand new and much easier realization to have or know or see!

I rememeber telling nonduality teachers that "just see" or "just experience awareness" was for me a very boring, uninteresting thing to do and I couldn't do it, but the boring white paper that the words are written on, once noticed, is far from boring to me now!!smily

Thanks John!!!

Click here see the interview on the website Buddha At The Gas Pump.


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